Seed words are a random set of words that are used to generate the private keys for your wallets. You can download a mnemonic code converter anytime you want and use it to extract private keys from your seed words. But if you are using an application like Flits that allows you to access your funds by entering seed words then you do not need to use a converter.

Seed words are much easier to use compared to private keys because the latter is a long combination of random alphabets and numbers that does not resemble any known words and it is easy to miss one or more characters or write it down wrong. Seed words, on the other hand, are easy to write down because they only consist of known words you can find in a dictionary. And one set of seed words can hold private keys for a lot of your wallets so that you don’t need to write down a separate private key for every single wallet you have.

Why Seed Words Are Important

Seed words are the gateway to your funds. Anyone who has you seed words can get access to all your crypto coins. Unlike a bank or a centralized exchange that holds your funds for you, only you are in complete control when you hold your coins in a decentralized application like Flits or a private wallet. This means that if you lose your seed words then nobody can help you to get your coins back. At the same time, holding funds in private wallets is much safer because you are safe from events like exchange hacks, exchange shutdowns, etc.

Best Way To Store Seed Words

You should always write down your seed words on a piece of paper and keep it out of reach of anyone else. Also, you should make a soft copy of them and store it in an offline pen drive so that you have a backup in case you lose your notebook or paper where you wrote them down.

You should never take a screenshot of your seed words and keep it on your mobile device or computer because that way you can easily lose your seed words if your device malfunctions, gets hacked, or gets erased.

Convenience And Security In Your Hands

Flits is a decentralized mobile application where you can store all your cryptocurrencies in a single place. And you get a set of seed words that allows you, and only you to get access to all your funds at any time, from anywhere. Not only that, but you can also run masternodes in Flits app to earn passive income and spend your coins to buy gift cards, and in the near future you will even be able to top up debit cards which you can use to shop at a store of your choice.
All these features make Flits the safest and most convenient wallet to store your funds.

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