We may have been a little quieter than usual in terms of our updates, but as the saying indeed goes, silence can speak volumes!! Another tremendously busy period for the Flits team! Lots going on behind the scenes – ensuring our continued growth and development as a brand. So let’s kickstart things off yet again..

Important: STRMS infrastructure to be taken ‘offline’

All Streamies nodes have already been stopped, with all  new deployments disabled user end as well. This ‘exit scam’ has no doubt caught many of us by surprize.

We strongly urge all those holding the coin, to please withdraw their wallet balances as soon as possible. All Streamies infrastructure has been scheduled to be taken ‘offline’ by 14thOctober 2020. After which time, this will no longer be a possibility.

SCC - upcoming swap

As most holders of StakeCubeCoin now know, block 480 000 is right upon us. This marks a pivotal moment for their switch from PIVX to the DASH codebase.

StakeCube recently published a very useful link – where one can more easily monitor a ‘countdown’ to the swap. Be sure to check out: https://rewards.stakecube.net

Remember.. the Flits team has been hard at work, ensuring that those who hold SCC on the Flits app - won’t have to do anything!

As has been previously announced, we have arranged the auto swapping of coins (as the addresses on the new chain are in fact the same). Snapshots will be taken on the swap block, new coins then requested from Stakecube, and finally we will perform the actual coin distribution.

The end result, being that Flits app users will only need to redeploy their masternodes. Be sure to keep an eye open for any push notifications..

Flits Epay cards – Arrivals & Activations

Our delicately branded envelopes have certainly been doing some long distance travelling as of late. Jetsetting across much of Europe.. the arrival & activation of the very first Flits Epay cards, has brought with it - yet another a dose of excitement!

TAKE NOTE: Our in app scanner (which recognises the barcode) is currently under maintenance. Should your cards arrive before this maintenance is complete, we kindly ask that you please send us the last 4 digits of your barcode and we’ll have it sorted for you - in a FLITS!

KAVA & ATMOS wallets – within the Flits app

We are currently busy with the integration of KAVA and ATMOS wallets. Our technical team is pushing hard for both of these to be fully integrated in the ‘live’ environment, within the next 14 days!! Be sure to keep a close eye for further announcements in this regard.

ETH token integration – almost complete

Another very exciting development to look forward to, is the integration of ETH tokens. This is a yet another game changer, which will advance us one step closer to achieving our vision – “one super secure app, for all your crypto needs”.

If you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation, we can tell you that this particular integration is in fact almost complete..

New team member - Mervyn

Some of you may already recognize the user name “kakoonz” as an active member of our community. Mervyn has officially joined the Flits team – as communication manager.

A ‘creative’ bloke who brings with him, not only a wealth of customer service experience, but also some great ideas – the fruit of which we hope to see in due course..

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