Hello everyone! Welcome you to our weekly update! Today we will talk a little bit more about the Flits Beta.

Beta test

The beta has now been live for almost two weeks and everything is looking great! We have received great feedback from the community and it seems like everyone is happy with the new design. The app is working like it should and for now we did not have to any major adjustments. Last week a few new features where added such as:

  • Sending max amount
  • Push notifications
  • Wallet organisation

Upcoming weeks we will be focussing on the web version of the app and the integration of the zero fees model. We are very excited about both of these features because we think it will greatly improve the user experience of the app. Our goal is to provide a convenient passive income solution and that means we want our users to experience worry-free hosting and staking.

We are really looking forward for the future of Flits and we have some great new features coming up. We are already planning new development for Flits after the new app goes live and we think there is a lot of exciting stuff coming for our users. We would like to thank everyone for supporting the Flits project! And we promise we will keep on creating the best experience for our users!

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