Hello everyone! Welcome you to our weekly update! In this update we have some great news we would like to share, so please check it out below.

Summary of this week:

  • New listings
  • Flits MNO frontpage
  • AEX update
  • 2000 MN
  • Beta

New Listings

This week we have added Kalkulus and Scriv to the Flits App. We are happy to have listed these two projects and hope for a good relation in the future. Both projects have been brought up to us by attentive users in the community, please make share the projects you would like to see added on Flits with us.

Flits MNO frontpage

Great news for Flits, due to the increase of volume stats on MNO, Flits is now on the first page of Masternodes Online! This means Flits has a more prominent  place and has the potential to be noticed more easily by new users and potential investors.

AEX update

The reason why the volume of Flits has been going up since a week is because one of our community members and first investors has made an successful effort to get Flits tradable again on AEX exchange. This is again a great example of our dedicated community and the great people who stand behind this project!

2000 MN

We are very happy to announce that Flits officially has passed the 2000 hosted masternodes on the app! We are very happy and very thankful for your faith in us and choosing Flits as your number one passive income solution. This trust is the reason we keep on creating and developing new innovative solutions to make passive income through crypto available and as easy as possible for everyone! Thank you!

We are very happy to announce the first (Beta) testing round for Flits is going to start at Wednesday the 29thof  April. All people who signed up have received an email that states when the Beta test is going life and they have the possibility to check out the new 4.0 version of the app.

The first round will end a week later and after that the team of Flits is going to review and process the community feedback. After the feedback has been processed there will be a second round of testing and after that the new app will be as good as finished.

We are very happy with the first impressions and functionality’s of the new app and we hope our users are as excited as we are. We are looking forward for your reaction and impressions after the new app is live and your feedback!

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