Hello everyone! Welcome you to our weekly update. We have some nice new developments we want to share with you so please keep reading.

Summary of this week:

  • New listings
  • Delisting
  • New Support system

New listing

This week we have added Zenon, Raven Dark, Bitwin24, News24 and Bitcoin 2 on the Flits app! We are very happy to welcome these project on Flits and hope that you check them out. Most of these projects have been addressed to us by our community and we are very grateful for that! Together we can make Flits even bigger and we want you to know that new suggestions are always welcome.


Also some more recent news. We have decided to delist Aezora from the Flits app because of the instability of the network. Aezora has been a project from the beginning which required a lot of attention from us. The current problem has to do with the Aezora chain itself and we are not able to fix this. Unfortunately this gave us no other choice than to delist the Aezora from the Flits app, because we do not have the time or the assets to look in to other fixes. For know Aezora will not return to the Flits app and we hope for your understanding. On the other had gives this us more time to focus on more important matters such as the development of the new app and website.

New Support system

Last week we have been working on the new support structure for Flits. In the new 4.0 version of Flits there will be a more extensive and better support structure.

Currently there are two ways of support:

1. The in app support

2. The community support in other channels such as Discord and Telegram

In the new version of the app we will introduce a FAQ and a forum function where people can ask questions in the app and other users can react. The forum will in no circumstances replace the in app chat support, this will still be available and be improved to provide even more accurate support in a more user friendly way.

With the introduction of the FAQ a lot of questions will be answered with GIF’s together with a small explanation, so users do not have to wait for answer on fairly simple questions such as, “How do I deploy a Masternode” and “How do I deposit fees”. In the new app these questions will already be answered and translated in different languages so the support does not have to deal with these questions anymore.

We aim to create ecosystem where there are no questions, by providing and presenting all answers even before the questions are asked. This will not mean there are not more question that can be asked, but we want to make the app as easy and self-explanatory as possible to improve the usability of the app. Unfortunately we are not able to implement this FAQ right away so we will have to wait on the new version to show the ins and outs of this new structure.

We hope you like the new ideas and if you have any question regarding statements made in this update please do not hesitate and reach out to us!

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