Hello everyone! Welcome you to our weekly update! In this update we have some nice information we would like to share so please check it out below.

Summary of this week:

  • New listings
  • App development: Backend
  • Articles

App development: Backend

At the moment we are focussing on developing the backend of the new app version. A lot improvements have been made. For example the app will be a lot faster and we have upgraded our server structure. For next week we hope we can show a bit more frontend features such as the new interface and improved UI.

The main focus this week will be the cold staking screens and features in the new app. After this the new version will be almost finished and we hope we can start (beta) testing soon.

When we start testing the new app we also are going to update the website, whitepaper and hopefully we can release the web version as well. We want to make the release of the new version as complete as possible and with the current Covid-19 situation in the Netherland we are a little bit behind with the development. But we are working really hard to get everything done before the end of this month.

With the growth of Flits we also notice there is a lot of things that need taking care of. We would greatly appreciate if people who have questions about the app ask them in the in-app-support and do not reach out to us directly because this can get lost. If you have any questions regardind support you can always ask this in the Telegram chat or in the Discord The community is more than happy to help you out!

With the new app the support will be improved so we can help people much faster and our users will also have the opportunity to ask question in the in-app-forum where users can help each other out.

New Listings

This week we would like welcome EazyPayZa (EZPAY) and Simulacrum.trade to the Flits app. Both projects have been addressed to us by investors and we greatly appreciate their suggestions and input. If there are projects you think we should add to the Flits ecosystem please reach out to us so we can discuss the possibilities.


Please make sure to keep checking Flits Daily for updates and articles about the projects that get listed on Flits. We are working hard to get more quality content on Flits Daily to make it a news page where our investors can read about the projects and coins listed on Flits. If you want to contribute and help with content, please reach out to us and maybe we can work something out.

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