Hello everyone! Welcome to our weekly update. We skipped last week’s update due to the corona virus outbreak here in the Netherlands. But we are now back with some new information we would like to share with you all.

Summary of this week:

  • New app impressions
  • Corona update
  • New listings
  • Flits (South) Africa
  • New heights for Flits

New app impressions

It has been a few weeks since we shared pictures of the new app so we hope to provide new impressions next week (Week 14). We have been doing  a lot of optimization on the background to make the app run more smoother and better. As mentioned this week we hope to provide some more ‘cosmetic’ impressions.

Also we are working on a portal which will make it much more easy to register a project on the Flits app. Also will this portal be the main source of input for the Flits ecosystem, making it much more clean and convenient to keep information on the Flits app up-to-date.

Corona Update

Just like the rest of the world also the Netherland has been affected by the so called ‘Corona crisis’. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus here in the Netherland the Flits team has decided to stay at home and work from there instead of going to the office, because of the risk of getting infected. This means we had to get used to this new way of working and this also affected our productivity a bit. Because we have made a better planning and communicate more frequently we have found a way to ‘up’ our productivity, meaning we are going to do a lot of work to realise the new Flits App update.

New listings

We have noticed a lot of request come in regarding requested coins. We are very happy to have such an involved community who helps us finding the right projects for Flits. Our goal is to become the number one hosting platform for you, meaning your input and opinion matters. So please keep sharing your opinions and requests.

This week we would like to welcome a lot of new project on the Flits app! There have been a total of five new coins been added to the Flits ecosystem: Streamies (STRMS), MalwareChain (MALW), Social Send (SEND), Eros (ERS) and GoByte (GBX). We are very happy with these new projects and would like to thank all the dev. teams for there interest in Flits.

Flits (South) Africa

Surprisingly we see an increase of (South) African investors and investors from the African continent. We are very happy to welcome these investors to the Flits ecosystem and really appreciate the new 'market'. In the next months we will also investing time and assets in the expansion of our African community. For example there will be a Flits Africa Telegram group available soon and we are also looking for investors who want to become Flits ambassadors for the African market.

Rising Confidence

As most of you may have noticed the Flits ecosystem is growing every day. Meaning that the amount of users and nodes on the app increases every week. This has also a positive effect on the value of the Flits coin. After the drop of Bitcoin two weeks ago we see the value of Flits growing the last couple of days. It is encouraging to see the amount of confidence in our project and it gives us energy to push and develop Flits even more. We would like to thank everyone for their trust in Flits!

See you next week!

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