It starts with the little things. Like much of life, it’s often the tiniest splendours which culminate into some of the most incredible. Stop to think about that for a second.. awe inspiring mountains are formed by a series of geological events – tectonic to weather phenomena. Melting snow caps and the gentle rain which falls ever so gracefully onto its slopes, hurriedly forms little streams. As they follow the natural contours of the rock, they themselves continue the process of shaping the very landscape onto which they originally fell. Once they meet up, the flow gets stronger and stronger until we can eventually call it a river. Waterfalls, grand canyons.. life! And let’s of course not forget the journey of that tiny snowflake..

Flits is no different really. You see.. on a daily basis, our team works on the little things too. The elements which helps to breathe life into the Flits ecosystem. As new working parts come into the equation, it is critical for us to understand the effect of each of these on the overall landscape. All decisions made require very careful consideration, and long term thinking. Nothing too mundane for us either. Let’s take for example the very title of this released update.. Did you perhaps notice the slight change?

For quite some time now, we have released our projects news in the form of "weekly" updates. The previous title reflected this very fact. But we do not wish to be limited to pre-scheduled updates, nor committed to releasing any content to our awesome community prematurely. Though there’s certainly always enough on the go, not everything may ready to be shared. Well.. and perhaps some content should be shared far sooner.. With the new website in the works, our desire to both improve and evolve overall communication is one of our top focus areas.

The Sprint to the Finish

For some time now, we have shared with our loyal community some jaw dropping teasers regarding the coming big app update - now nearing the finish line. If we make use of the analogy from above.. I guess it could be said that all the little streams (features) have now merged into a mighty river (the app) heading for the ocean (our loyal community). But we have no intention of meandering (slowing down) in the final leg of our journey (until its official release). We want to reach the shoreline (Google Play & App Store) with a spectacular waterfall (we enjoy the adrenaline) ;)..

Recap while headed for the coastline:

- New swap feature with improved liquidity
- Adjustable transaction fees (Bitcoin) > users will now be able to prioritize their sends.
- Mining updates > Purchase workers with BTC + Payouts in FLS
- More ‘organic flow’ within the app
- Start up guide for first time users
- Masternode setup screen should be easier to understand, with detailed status updates.
- More options for push notifications
- Wallet connect to Defi applications
- Device logout options - such as via web or emergency contact number
- Additional password for ‘sending’ transactions

Migration Leads to Growth Spurt

We are pleased to inform that for the most part, the migration of Trittium masternode holders to the Flits app, went down rather smoothly. This led to a noticeable growth spurt for Flits. It shouldn’t be too long now, before we finally cross those truly momentous milestones of 30K users and 5000 hosted nodes.. Upon a recent spot check, the combined total wallet value was estimated at a whopping 224 BTC! That’s pretty wild indeed..

Free Cold Staking – Promotion Ongoing

Though masternode hosting is evidently very popular among our users, so too is the cold staking feature. On that note, we wish to remind our community that there are still no fees to cold stake within the Flits app. We have officially extended the promotion for throughout the month of February as well!

To see the list of coins where such functionality is offered, simply consult the ÒDiscoverÓ tab within the app. While you’re there.. be sure to check out the said feature in its entirety. The profile tab for example, offers a good starting point for potential research into a listed project ;).. Please remember to always practice your own due diligence.

Weekly AMA

Thanks to all community members keeping our #ama channel alive on Discord.. So without further ado..

  • [FireFlies]

Q. "When will Tron be integrated? Will there be Tron Staking? Also will the wallet connect work with Tron Dapps too"

A. At this point in time, we have not actively looked further into TRON. We are thus currently unable to provide definitive information regarding its potential integration. That being said, we also do not discount the possibility later on, either.

  • [dab]

Q. "Can I see the amount of the last payout from my mining workers in the Flits app? Looking for the transaction itself in my ETH wallet and not the "Earnings last month" in the Flits mining tab"

A. Though this information is not visible within the mining feature per se.. you will be able to locate it under the 'Transactions" tab of the corresponding wallet. If you click on the actual transaction, you will be taken to the explorer (via your mobile browser).

As always, please try to stay safe and appreciate your loved ones.