The edition of this very ‘weekly’ is sure to lift our community’s spirits to epic proportions! With over 29k users and around 4.5k masternodes, the Flits team now have their sights set on both the big three ‘o’ and big five! Based on the news we’re about to share, this perhaps could come even sooner, than what may have originally been anticipated. And on that note of what is anticipated.. the team is actually working on a new Flits roadmap for 2021 as well..

Welcomed With Arms Wide Open

Though technically no longer breaking news, this week's massive announcement regarding the anticipated surge of new users from Trittium, is certainly worthy of another mention! Through recently held productive discussions, Trittium made the decision to encourage many of its users to come across to the Flits app. With their team essentially deciding to terminate their masternode hosting facility, a high calibre alternative was naturally required. This was so as to not leave those affected in any kind of unpleasant situation. We are ever so grateful that Flits stood out to their team as a viable choice in this regard, and wish to thank them for their professionalism shown throughout this process.

In an effort to accommodate these users, additional coins have also needed to be listed within the Flits app. This undoubtedly provides even more choice for our existing user base as a direct result. It goes without saying, however, that we of course always encourage everyone to practice their own due diligence, in all aspects relating to their crypto assets. Simply put.. be crypto street-wize.

So in a nutshell, the extraordinary news roughly equates to potentially 1500 + hosted nodes – yet another massive boost for the Flits ecosystem! We wish all those who decided to make the voyage to our little gem, a very warm and long term stay. We are glad to have you join one of the most loyal communities out there! Together we are stronger!! Rest assured too, that we ourselves intend to continue striving for improvements in our level of service and product offering.

Big App Update – update ;)

As some of our users may now be bordering hyperventilation (in anticipation of the big app update release), here are some more juicy teasers (just to add on to the excitement overload)! In addition to the already spoken of new swap feature, adjustable transaction fees for btc sends & updates to mining.. users can can also look forward to a better app UX, which includes the following:

- The masternode setup screen should be easier to use and understand

- We have opted for a more ‘organic’ flow within the app

- First time users will have a start-up guide

- Detailed status updates from the point of setting up a masternode

- Increased control over push notifications (which coin, what info etc.)

- Wallet connect so that Flits can link with Defi applications!! Say whaaaatt?!!

The development team has also been very hard at work, with some new jaw dropping enhancements to in app security. Our community can potentially look forward to:

- Logging out of devices via web/other apps

- Logging out of devices via an emergency contact number as a fail-safe. The idea is that users can phone and enter a code, in an attempt to log out remotely.

- Setting up an an additional password for ‘sending’ transactions

Weekly AMA

We wish to start off by thanking our loyal community for keeping the AMA channel nice and lively.. It’s so cool to see positive interaction between members, eager to help answer questions posed by another, and even sharing some awesome creativity.. We encourage all our Discord users to pop around once in a while in fact - #ama

  • [Tim]

Q. “Does flits pay a flat 6.1% a month or the actual btc/eth mining payout?”

A. The ROI can indeed vary, so it is certainly not a fixed percentage. In the app, it is reflected as “Performance last month”, and typically updates on the 1st of each month.

The value is based on the difference between an investment of 2.5 US$ and the actual associated earnings.

  • [Tim]

Q. “Will there be KYC- know your customer in the future or will the app stay KYC free.”

A. As long as regulations permit Flits to operate without it, mandatory KYC will likely not be required for the bulk of the current features within the app (this is how it currently appears).

That being said, however, there is a possibility that Flits will be adding more features and expanding with partners. Some may require KYC from users choosing to make use of certain features/ services. More on this topic is intended to be released on our upcoming roadmap..

As our world continues to face unprecedented challenges each and every day.. we urge our loyal community to please try and be careful, stay safe, practice social distancing, look after your loved ones and of course.. reflect.


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