Weekly update 51 – SPECIAL EDITION

It’s now fair to say that we’re in that ‘final stretch’ of what has been a truly astonishing year. With Christmas right around the corner, we’d like to take this opportunity to let our loyal community know that this will be our last official “weekly” in 2020.

With 2021 now in our sight, rest assured that we plan to kick off the new year with a big bang!.. Headlining this act, will be the rolling out of our beautiful new logo – accompanying our strategically refined brand identity. What better way to celebrate the closing of one chapter than to share our insights in the commencement of another.

This weekly therefore serves as a ‘tribute’ to both the old and the new. So sit back, relax and grab yourself a hot cocoa. It’s time to reveal the story of our new logo ;)..

Flits Logo -> Evolutionary Progression

Though many have grown to adore the familiar Flits logo accompanying our unique product and ticker.. evolutionary speaking, we are no longer the same as we once were. The brand has matured into a truly ‘professional’ presence – one which exudes strength. As a result, our brand identity needs to keep up with our overall maturity – showcasing our might in the process. On the whole, a more appealing and unique logo will lead to a better online presence.

Blueprints and Hue

Our design team embarked on a mission to choose both a ‘powerful’ yet at the same time ‘dependable’ colour scheme – using Fintech startups as inspiration. This intention was to strategically do this, without losing the colour of the old logo either.

There was also a need to place emphasis on the design of the old, whilst retaining its familiar aspects of movement and momentum. We wanted to include the clever combination of a ‘play’ button & ‘forward’ symbol as well.

We opted to add layering to the new. This in an effort to illustrate our progression, as well as our subsequent growth. We also incorporated a gradient, again demonstrating movement. This allowed our new logo to ‘pop’ more, when being displayed on websites, Google Play or the App Store.

Our Core Values

Our new brand identity needed to encompass our freshly revised set of core values.

  • Security > allowing investors to be in control of their funds.

●    Ease & Convenience > everyone should be able to make use of the app, explore

the world of crypto assets and start investing.

●    Speed > our aim is to develop an efficient user experience, where people can

access their crypto everywhere they go.

●   All-Encompassing > Flits plans to build a full in-app ecosystem, providing some of

the very best crypto has to offer – all within one decentralized place.

The Brand Book

In addition to the logo, we also designed a whole new ‘brand book’.. something that was in fact missing from the project's inception. The idea is that this will make it much easier for us to keep in line with any particular chosen style. This in turn, has the effect of placing emphasis on the brand identity of the Flits project.

We desire to better position ourselves, by increasing our visibility throughout the world of crypto, and the greater online space. The brand book is essentially our ‘guide’ to restyling our whole ecosystem.

Looking Further Ahead

Now that the new logo is officially presented, we wish to advise that it will be introduced on our own channels this coming week. The ‘official’ re-branding, however, will be from 1s​ t February 2021 – allowing partners and other parties sufficient time to make the switch.

It is with immense excitement that we also reveal to you, our most loyal community.. that you can soon look forward to a beautiful new website. This will tie in nicely with previously announced ux/ui app tweaks – which too, will arrive in due course.

OTHER NEWS Mining Payouts – Ethereum (updated terms)

Due to the very high transaction ‘gas’ fees, qualifying mining payouts in Ethereum will now be made once per month – usually on the 1s​ t ​(instead of twice per month). This update to the mining terms will take effect in the new year. Kindly note that due to ‘New Years’ celebrations, this will commence on the 2n​ d​ January 2021 (together with the Bitcoin payments).

Note: Bitcoin payments will remain twice per month – provided the same threshold of 0.00001 BTC is met.

On the note of potentially high transaction fees when moving crypto.. we would like to take this opportunity to remind all of our users to practice due diligence in this regard. Careful consideration should always be taken in all affected crypto activities. This includes purchasing ‘fee credits’ from within the app etc. Eg. users could perhaps consider making use of FLS instead of BTC for this purpose..

Weekly AMA

We wish to once again thank those community members who left us some questions on the Flits Discord #ama channel. Jingle the bells ;).. It’s time for yet another round of ‘Ask Me Anything’..


Q. ​“Does the Flits Mobile wallet use BIP32 for address derivation of the various coins listed?”
A. Yes we do support BIP32 but it more so depends on the coins supporting them if we use that for the address generation.

Q. ​“Do you plan to add more use cases for Klimatas Coin, or something else you work on for this coin? Flits is doing well, yes, but I would love to see there are also plans for Klimatas. Maybe you can also deliver a mining service with Klimatas Coin.”
A. Though effectively run by the same team, Klimatas is a completely separate project to Flits. It is for this reason that any potential developments in this regard will be made known on its own social media pages. We therefore encourage you to please keep an eye open in this regard.

In closing, we wish our beloved community a blessed festive period. This will officially be the last “weekly” for 2020.

Be careful. Stay safe. Look after your loved ones.


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