Weekly update 49

A cracker filled festive edition, complete with branding news, promotional cheer, thrilling updates and much more!.. So let’s dive right in..

Flits Fund – Setup

This past week marked yet another historic milestone for our project, with the framework of the newly devised Flits Fund being put in place. Primarily designed to responsibly alleviate just some of the inherent risks associated with the masternoding space, it is our hope that it will serve as a small buffer for those who (through no fault of their own), get caught up in a sudden and unforeseen whirlwind.

The exact details of it’s first use case will be made known shortly. We encourage all those expectant participants to already start familiarizing themselves with the associated Terms of Agreement. For your convenience, these can be found within the Flits app Helpdesk.

Brand Evolution

As the seasons come and the seasons go, the Flits app continues to evolve in ways perhaps not previously envisaged. The cool app we started off with, and the prestigious platform we have now grown into, are comparatively as different as east and west, night and day, summer and winter.. It’s certainly no surprise then, that the very essence of our brand identity, should evolve with the said times.

We are elated to present to you – our most loyal community, where we are heading to. It’s sometimes the simplest, which is in fact the hardest to professionally execute. The process may have been long and hard, but the end result is as beautifully breathtaking as that spring breeze or autumn evening we all love!

Upcoming week we will be presenting the official new Logo for Flits together with the new brandbook!

The new Flits Logo impression

Technical Support – Ramping up

Although these last few months have seen us make great strides with regards to our overall customer service experience, we are by no means blind-sided to our opportunities for improvement. We are extremely aware that for any user, the efficiency of technical resolution is equally as important as the actual interaction which advances one there. Technical support goes hand in hand with customer support. Their very nature so intertwined, that both need to function at peak performance, for if one falters so too does the other.

It is on this note that we are exuberant to announce the expansion of the team with a new A+ technical team member having been contracted. It is our hope that this new addition will further aid our efforts in overhauling the ‘machine’ in due course.

New Swap Feature - Update

Though we have been pushing hard to have the riveting new ‘Swap’ feature go live this week.. we are waiting on some final Live API data from our swap partners. Though brakes have been temporarily engaged, we are certain it won’t be for very long. We are pleased to confirm that our final testing was indeed successful, so we are literally waiting to go into first gear..

For those yet unfamiliar, the new swap feature brings with it new swap pairs, improved liquidity & a complete re-design ;)..

Adjustable Fees - BTC

Though its debut may be taking a little longer than originally anticipated, we are certain that our users will simply adore the addition of adjustable Bitcoin transaction fees! Provided all goes according to plan, we are hopeful that the said feature will make its way into the big upcoming app update!

FREE Cold Staking – Extended Again!

This is the season of giving. So what better way to show our appreciation to our loyal community, than by extending the free cold staking promotion!

For the month of December users may cold stake suitable coins, potentially earn rewards and pay absolutely zero associated fees.

If you're not sure which coins offer the possibility, simply head over to the "Discover" tab. Could potentially be the start of chipping away towards that full FLS node ;)..

Governance – Improved Transparency

Though much of the growth and success of the entire Flits ecosystem is as a direct result of both talent and vision.. this alone cannot account for all of our progress made thus far. Much of where we are now in fact, is as a direct result of having sufficient strategic resources available at our disposal. Though Flits does technically generate income from its services, the challenging climate in which we operate tends to require somewhat more.

To fill this gap, many of our users will have seen that we make use of the “Governance” function – for budget proposals derived from some block rewards. Those holding FLS nodes get the opportunity to vote on such, as and when these ‘governance proposals’ are released.

We are so grateful for those users who see – the importance of such. Your votes of approval have ensured that we have been able to continue our long term vision for success. For those holding FLS nodes and who have perhaps never voted, we encourage you to let your voice be heard as well!

As Flits becomes more and more a force to be reckoned with, our ability to raise funds from the governance function will be more critical than ever before. We are therefore embarking on a mission towards improved transparency with regards to governance as a whole. Before casting your votes, please do read the proposal info very carefully, and understand that we do rely on your votes of approval – to see our long term vision potentially come to fruition.

Weekly AMA

Before we kick off this weeks ‘Ask Me Anything’.. just a general reminder to everyone that questions may be left on the #ama channel on our Discord server. Thank you to all those who have done so thus far.. Now let’s begin ;)..

  • [[Tim]]

Q. “Will epay get its own section in the app. Not a huge deal but would be nice :)”

A. Well Epay does already have it’s own section – where users can order their cards. Though from your later clarification, it sounds like you may be referring to a ‘shortcut’ for top up gift vouchers, within the same section. That is indeed a nice idea and we have shared that with the Dev team to investigate the possibility further.

  • [princessjenyz]

Q. “Is it possible the masternode reward for FLS nodes will be received every 24 hours?”

A. Well technically speaking it is possible, though we have no direct control over this. You see.. as more and more masternodes come online, the average reward frequency increases as a result. Should the opposite happen, then such intervals may be reduced. That being said.. the popularity of FLS is showing no indication of slowing down.. It’s fantastic of course that FLS as a crypto asset, has itself performed so remarkably well. You can keep an eye on this information from monitoring websites, such as masternodes.online, CoinGhecko etc.

  • [MrEconomical]

Q. “What kind of mining hardware does Flits use?”

A. Flits currently makes use of both ASIC miner technology (S17PRO + S19PRO), as well as high performance NVIDIA GPU’s.

We wish our users a blessed festive season ahead. Till next time..


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