It’s sometimes the stormiest of seas, needed to test the true handling of a ship and the dedication of her crew. This analogy couldn’t be more apt for this week past.. With rogue waves suddenly appearing about every corner, our ship handled remarkably well in almost every aspect! Though we set the bar high, for the most part we exceeded our very own expectations. That’s not to say that there weren’t any learnings to be had.. for this is how we strengthen the hull. Rest assured though,  that the Flits team have no intention of being complacent either.. for as history serves to remind us, it’s in the calmest of seas – where icebergs are hardest to see.. We wish to once again thank you – our ever so loyal community, for not only sticking fast.. but more importantly serving as our ‘anchor’.

Flits Fund – Commencing 1st December

Though our greatest tools are born as a result of necessity, it’s our greatest inventions which spark progress on a revolutionary scale. The soon to be launched ‘Flits Fund’ perhaps serves both arenas.

The recent dilema which unfolded, with regards to Sinovate investors pulled in a horrendous tug of war between two ‘rival’ factions, has left a sour taste in the mouths of many. Though we at Flits HQ stand firm in our belief, that it is not reasonable for us alone to bear the brunt of this diabolical mess, we do of course do feel empathy towards all those affected. You see.. even though the custom integration was completed with the full knowledge of the Sinovate team, a ‘blame game’ – absolving ourselves from responsibility, is of little/no comfort to those caught in the crossfire.

With our morals serving as the navigational aid, we are devising a unique setup to help ‘ease the pain’ of those investors affected, and protect against similar unforeseen situations which may arise going forward. Furthermore, it is our hope that by leading by example, Sinovate will follow through with any potential plans they themselves may have, to help their affected investors.

Details with regards to the ‘Flits Fund’ will be released to our community in due course.

Small chain “fork” – chainsplit (being fixed)

On Sunday/Monday, FLS experienced a small ‘fork’ (chainsplit). Though no action is required for Flits app users, those other users affected are encouraged to please download the bootstrap (

For the most part, the fork is solved, with explorers reflecting the correct block count. A minor bug was, however, detected with regards to the total supply being reported. Though this ‘visual’ issue has no adverse effect for the user, the dev team is currently working on a solution.

Translations – Utilization of ‘crowdin’

As the Flits team continues with our ambitious plans to have the app translated into more languages, it is crucial that an effective solution is utilized for the management of this multilingual content. We have opted to make use of crowdin for this purpose. It is our hope that more traction will be made in the upcoming weeks/months with regards to this effort.

New Swap Feature – Launch Day Nearing ;)

The much anticipated launch of the new Swap Feature is now right around the corner.. We are hoping to have it go out to all our users next week!

It’s a complete re-design, with vastly improved processing times for the majority of listed pairs. There will be new ‘swaps’ coming as well!

With the said feature offering our users an incredibly efficient way of swapping their crypto, we are confident that these improvements will only add to its vast popularity.

Weekly AMA

It’s that time again.. where we delve into our community’s curiosities. For those perhaps unaware, questions to the team may be left on the #ama channel on our Discord server. Right..

  • [[Tim]]

Q. “What is the minimum amount in BTC and ETH from mining (workers) that can be transferred to the wallet on 1st and 15th.”

A. The equivalent of 0.00001 BTC

Q. “Will you add the option to sign a cold stake wallet?”

A. Though this is technically possible, it is not for the moment considered a prioritized integration. Perhaps sometime in the future ;)..

  • [Hyper]

Q. “What new pairs if any will be seen coming to fls?”

A. We alluded to some exciting developments with regards to the new swap feature above ^.. that being said, there’s not much more to be revealed at this moment, besides that fact that our users will likely be elated with the overall feature.

And with that.. we wish you all a wonderful weekend. Till next time..


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