Though it’s physically not always possible to describe all that happens behind the scenes at Flits HQ, one thing is for certain.. our team is committed to continually deliver the best possible overall experience for our community. Though this doesn’t always translate in keeping everyone happy all of the time.. what it does mean, is that we strive to. In other words.. decision are continually made, to the benefit of the whole. We like to think long term.. and this is potentially what sets Flits apart!!

So without further ado, it’s now time to kick off another edition of our ever popular weekly round-up..

Chinese Translations – IN PROGRESS

It is with immense joy that we bring you news of the commencement of our ‘Chinese’ translations process. We feel confident that this will usher in a new era for the Flits app, allowing us to gain more precious ground – spanning our wondrous planet. Though this work is indeed labour intensive, we are committed to delivering on this in the near future!

The awesome news is that this will only mark the starting point for our new global outreach strategy. We intend to translate the app into many different languages from there on out. After all, everyone deserves to experience the Flits app in their own native tongue ;)..

On that note, we would like to mention once again.. that community members interested in seeing the app in their own native language, can volunteer to assist with the translations process. We have previously setup a #translations channel on the Flits Discord server, where anyone keen to assist can indicate there willingness to do so. Alternatively, users can also DM their interest to a member of the Flits team.

Note: Please be careful of those who try to impersonate members of the team. Do not share any information with regards to your seed, or install any 3rd party applications which could potentially wreak havoc.

Thank you to everyone who have reached out to us thus far. We will make contact with you in due course.


Following on from the launch of UNI, LINK, KNC, USDC & DAI, we have just initiated our ‘expansion phase’. This will see the list of available ETH Tokens grow significantly in a relatively short spate of time.

New tokens which have already joined the ranks include:

• Basic Attention Token (BAT)
• Ren (REN)
• Decentraland (MANA)
• Enjin (ENJ)
• 0x (ZRX)
• Band Protocol (BAND)

Note: There is a dedicated channel on our Discord server #eth-token-requests, which we encourage our community to actively make use of. Please do let us know which tokens you would like to see added next.

Alternatively, everyone is more than welcome to make direct contact with a member of the team (being careful of scammers of course), and indicating their desire(s) in this regard. We will do our utmost to deliver on the most popular, so do let your voice be heard!

Don’t forget that lending and interest contracts are intended to make their appearance too –  in due course. The development team continue to conduct tests for this.

NEW Giftcard Range – UK FIRST

This past week saw the monumentous launch of a gigantic new range of giftcards. Though initially for the UK market, our plan is to expand the range on offer into other regions as well. Flits app users, who dwell in the UK, can now choose from the likes of:

Adidas, All Bar One, Arcadia,, Argos eGift Card, ASDA, ASK Italian, ASOS, Better, Browns, Buyagift, Caffe Nero, Clarks, Costa, Crown Carveries, Currys PC World eGift, Decathalon, Deliveroo, Ember Inns, Ernest Jones, Evans Cycles, Foot Locker, For Good Causes, Gap, Giggling Squid, Global Hotel Card, Google Play, Great British Pub, H Samuel, Halfords, Harvester, Harvey Nichols, Homesense, Inspire - Butlins by Inspire, Inspire - Disneyland Paris by Inspire, Inspire - Haven by Inspire, Inspire - Hoeseasons by Inspire, Inspire - Royal Caribbean by Inspire, iTunes, JoJo Maman Bebe, John Lewis Gift Card, Just Eat, Laithwaites Wines, Lavish, Love2Shop, M&S, McColls, Microsoft (X-box), Miller & Carter, Morrisons, National Book Tokens, National Trust, New Look, Nike, Notonthehighstreet, Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, Prezzo, Rakuten TV, Red Letter Days, River Island, Sainsburys, Sizzling Pubs, Sky Store, Sports Direct, Stonehouse, The Entertainer, The Magazine Gift Card, The Restaurant Card, The White Company, Ticketmaster, TK Maxx, Toby Carvery, Touchnote, Uber Eats, Uber Rides, Urban Massage, Vintage Inns, Virgin Experience Days, Virgin Gift Card, Wagamama, Waterstones & Zizzi!!

We have also now updated the system to include email registration. This means that users should now receive their giftcards both in app, as well as to their nominated email addresses.

With so much variety ahead of the festive season, this couldn’t have come at a better time for our UK users! Just another example of how we do our very best to deliver on our promises!

New Swap Feature – ALMOST READY!

One of our most popular offerings is without doubt, the ‘Swap Feature’. We realize that allowing users to swap certain crypto assets with ease and simplicity, makes for incredible in app convenience.

Now this is where it gets extremely exciting!! Our development team have been hard at work putting in some late nights, so that our users can get an out of this world ‘swap’ experience going forward.

We are talking a Òcomplete re-designÓ of the said feature! There will of course be new swap pairs! And let’s not forget the vast improvement of processing times for the majority!

Like we keep telling you – our loyal community.. we are in this for the long run. Thrilled to say that we are now nearing closer to ‘pole position’. Though many never saw us coming, they may indeed see us when looking skyward! ;)..

Weekly AMA

Another week, another round to our new "Ask Me Anything" column. A reminder for those yet unaware.. users are able to ask the Flits team questions via the #ama channel on our Discord server. Answers are in turn shared with the greater community, bridging the gap and allowing all the opportunity to stay in the loop. So let’s begin once again!


Q. "When mining payments are scheduled?Which day?"

A. Payments are scheduled on the 1st and 15th of every month.


Q. "Are cold staking coins added to a shared Masternode?"

A. No, they are not. In fact.. due to the decentralized nature of the Flits app, there are no such "shared" offerings. Remember, we want our users to control their coins. Staking may best be described as a kind of ‘lucky draw’, whereby users delegate coins (kinda like pieces of paper) and ‘proof of stake’ rewards are awarded. This process helps to support the network.


Q. "Are you planning on adding Fiat support?"

A. Yeah, we are working on integrating a ÒFIAT to CryptoÓ and ÒCrypto to FiatÓ gateway in the app.

Q. "How would tokens work? Would the fees be paid in the token or Eth?"
A. You need Ethereum to pay for the transaction, so yes.. fees are indeed paid in ETH.


Q. "U guys thinking of going to bigger exchanges like Kucoin or Digifinex? If you do in the right timing, price per coin may rise, just on the news.."

A. We are indeed keeping an eye open on interesting listing possibilities, but we are currently not actively sourcing a new exchange. What we are presently exploring, is the possibility to ‘wrap’ FLS as a token. We are also looking to get Flits listed on

Q. "Also would you guys ever think of increasing the supply?"

A. No.

Q. "Also,  what is the mining rate for eth n btc per workers in days, weeks or month?  I went to Meatec site n they do have a mining calculator.  I be honest I don't trust cloud mining companies.  So I'm still not sold, if they r trust worthy.  How can you assure it's legit?  Do you have like rough estimate of how many btc or eth per week? Usually a mining company may give that."

A. There is a calculator in the app where you can check this information. MeaTec is not a cloud mining company.


Q. "what is affecting worker price?  So far I've seen prices 1.95, 2.01, 184 and 1.91"

A. The price is Û2,50 fixed (paid in FLS), so the price may indeed vary based on the rate of exchange in use.


Q. "Will you add Slovenia to the giftcard section (epay is the same everywhere), you could also add others like Steam, .. and some giftcards specific to Slovenia like "Desetak..""

A. Although Slovenia is currently not available in the giftcard section, we are working closely with our partner to see if the market is a viable option. Perhaps we will be able to improve in this regard.


Q. "are there any plans to get on some bigger exchanges"

A. ..already answered earlier ;) ^


Q. "When wFLS? Are you going to make buybacks? the price is so cheap to this big project?

new exchange listings?"

• A. ..already been answered earlier ^, and no buy/backs, as it is considered price manipulation and therefore illegal by Dutch Law.


Q. "Will (KNC) kyber,  earn staking rewards in your wallet app?"

A. That is something that can be made possible, and will therefore be added to the dev list.


Q. "Are there plans to make the flits wallet open source?"

A. No.


Q. "would you be looking at a binance listing to make the coin more prominent in the market and attract new members?"

A. Of course getting listed on Binance would be great, but that is not something we perceive as being beneficial for the project right now. Also Binance is a bit too far out of our league for the time being. Maybe someday though..


Q. "When will be the opportunity to export the transaction history in the flits app via csv or api ? Then nobody has to export each transaction manually. It would be a very helpful and important feature for tax declaration."

A. We are working on this feature, but we do not have a specific deadline for this yet.

[Vincent Vega]

Q. "How long mining workers are valid after purchase, are you going to replace antminers after their useable time?"

A. Mining "workers" are valid as long as the mining operation is profitable for the customer and the company. So costs do not exceed profit.

That brings us to the end of this edition. Til next time..