Thunderous thrills in abundance this week, with the launch of the much anticipated v4.2 of the Flits app! It’s as if both the App Store and Google Play knew exactly how our users were sitting on the edge of their seats – for there was no time wasted, in it being pushed to the ‘live’ environment.

We are truly grateful to our loyal community for the very warm reception, which this latest update has received.. as well as for putting up with some of the inevitable ‘teething pains’ experienced as a result of the growing popularity of our little gem.. If we weren’t so pro-actively swift in upgrading our server setup this past week, we could have maybe used the extra heat to make some popcorn for all the eager onlookers :)..

It’s spectacularly brilliant to say the least! With more and more eyes turning in our direction with each passing hour, we are electrified to say that we have no intention of slowing down in our desire to construct our ‘rocket’. You see, we are still only aligning ourselves to take pole position. Rest assured that the Flits Team are in this for the long haul, as we know our most loyal community are indeed too!

As our ‘ambassadors’, we ask you to please continue spreading the word to all your mates of our ‘treasure’ - which we know so many will too adore. Don’t forget to use your referral link of course ;)..

Flits Mining

Though we anticipated a very strong demand at launch, even we were astonished with just how speedily our users began donning their hard hats, in an effort to stack up those sats..

The unique “Worker” system strategically managed by the Flits team, is designed with longevity in mind. This allows us to potentially make tactical backend changes to the PoW algorithms targeted, and subsequently achieve a decent output for our users. These tweaks will not, however, affect payouts – which will remain in Bitcoin & Ethereum.

Users can get involved with as little as one "worker" – costing the equivalent of €2.50 in FLS. We expect this new use-case to further add to the growing demand of our already popular crypto asset.

In the future, we hope to allow our users the ability to sell their workers to one another. This would differentiate us even further from other cloud mining operators. We are also looking into creating the possibility to re-invest earnings + have customizable payout ratios in BTC & ETH.

Enhanced Functionality

The new app update brought with it some fresh enhancements, improving the overall functionality of the app.

  • The Discover Tab now includes more useful coin statistics. After a user clicks on a specific coin, more details emerge – relating to 24h volume, marketcap, current supply & max supply. A graph indicating an overview of historical performance allows for quick analysis. Users can cycle through different time frames, ranging from one day to a year.
  • Push notifications are available for deposits, masternode rewards and fee summary. These may now be set individually within the app – by toggling the appropriate options based on preference. We also plan to add similar settings for mining and staking in the near future.
  • The Helpdesk has been greatly improved, with new content related to Mining now added as well. The modified layout should vastly aid our users in troubleshooting.

    The process to log in app support tickets has been greatly simplified. Users now also have the ability to close a ticket on their end, with an option to still view them in a historical archive. This is indeed be useful for referencing down the line.
  • The home tab features a “News and blogs” section, with all our weekly updates now more accessible that ever for our users. Additional articles will be featured here as well from time to time, breathing even more life into this hub of knowledge.
  • Depositing crypto is now easier than ever with the ‘QR codes list’. After clicking the correct icon, users simply need to choose any coin on offer. Within the blink of an eye, the deposit address and a scannable QR code is displayed for your convenience.

App Translations – Volunteers Welcome

On our quest to have the Flits app translated into additional languages, we have begun to pool all available resources together.. This includes volunteers from our ever ‘eager to help’ global community. A channel has been created on our discord server, where interested users can indicate their willingness to assist.

Thank you to each and every community member who has responded to our call thus far.. As and when we get to your native language, you may indeed be called upon for assistance.

Anyone else interested in helping, may visit the #🌍-translations channel on our discord server:

Server Migration - Completed

As mentioned at the start of this weeks update, our lightening fast growth resulted in our old server setup being put under significant strain this past week. Our technical team were of course extremely pro-active in preventing a bonfire from starting ;)..

The complete API environment was replaced as a result, to a whole new structure with a private cloud. This is the latest in technology available to us, with the best CPU, RAM and SSD’s in use – based on our specific requirements.

Most of the loose ends are now tied up.. The improvements in performance should be noticeable to all users of version 4.2. The old version will still work, however, ..but may have a little lag.

With our system connected to 103 block explorers, you can imagine what a mammoth task this has been for our technical team! All in a days work for Team Flits!

ETH TOKENS – It’s ‘Go Live’ Time!

To all our users who have been ever so patient while waiting for our big launch of ETH Tokens.. we can now confirm that the wait is finally over! It’s now really up to the App Store & Google Play.. so be sure to download the latest update as soon as you get that notification ;).. The first to be launched are UNI, LINK, KNC, USDC and DAI.

Note: DAI Lending and interest smart contracts will follow in due course, though they still require a little more testing at this point in time.

Weekly AMA

This is a new addition to our weekly round up. Questions asked via the #ama channel on our Discord server will be shared with the greater Flits community. One more way to bridge the gap and bring everyone closer together. So without further ado..

  • [TIM]
    Q. “Will you/team add coin amount info to the swap with the next app update”.
    A. The swap volume is connected to the exchanges, so this data should therefore be the same. To answer your question.. we are going to see if this is something we can provide in the future, but this will probably not be seen in the very next app update. We will first need to find a way to make it fit into the UI.
  • Stefan
    Q. “Is the hash rate I buy eternily mine? ..what happens when the worker is not profitable but makes a loss?”
    A. Yes indeed!.. unless, of course due too specific circumstances (defined in the terms of use), whereby the whole operation is no longer considered profitable. It goes without saying that our users certainly wouldn’t want to share in any potential ‘loss’.
  • MoneyMaker
    Q. “Can you elaborate, how the 5% fee is sustainable for lifetime-mining-service?  Do you collaborate with Mxxtec as a supplier, how can you ensure lifetime support?”
    A. The ROI is based on the mined earnings, minus both the very competitive energy costs & a small 5% operational fee taken by the Flits team. This potentially results in ‘profit’ for the organizations in question.
  • JSKitty
    Q. “When more UK giftcards? Been waiting for ages.”

    A. We can certainly understand your eagerness, for the expanded giftcards range to make its grand debut! Regrettably though, it is difficult to provide an exact time frame for this – due to the coronavirus disrupting overall service delivery worldwide.

    We can tell you that we have received a very extensive report from our supplier with regards to their upcoming integrations. If everything goes according to plan, the UK region should enjoy a far greater choice in the next few months. We can once again reaffirm that we are most definitely expanding our giftcard options, to epic proportions!
  • FireFlies
    Q. “Any possibility of starting interest on BTC and Dash?”
    A. For now this is not something we are currently working on, but could be an interesting possibility somewhere in the future, should regulations allow this feature to be integrated of course.

    Q. “What's next in the pipeline?”
    A. We will share upcoming developments in the weekly updates, so be sure to check in regularly for all the juicy details! For now, though, the new flits branding and app UI are considered ‘high priority’ items on our checklist.

    Q. “Will Tron happen in 2021?”
    A. Definitely a project that can be added in the future!

    Q. “We need a summit to discuss Flits adoption. As a community we come together and brainstorm how to increase adoption. Take ideas from the community and have a voting and the ideas that get the most voting should be put into development for 2021”
    A. As Flits is a platform very much revolving around our users, we certainly appreciate the eagerness expressed by our community to share their ideas and insights. We are constantly looking for ways to improve, so certainly do take all feedback on board.

    That being said.. Flits is a company owned project, making it sometimes a little harder to implement the great ideas shared by our loyal community, right away. We of course encourage everyone to continue brainstorming and spreading the news of the Flits app – to all their friends and family who may be interested in getting involved with crypto.

Til next time,


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