The well of excitement is now beginning to overflow.. Those waiting in eager anticipation of the ‘big app update’ – refreshing their app stores ‘just in case’.. We can certainly picture just how you may feel! But it’s not too long now.. And the wait will certainly have been worth it! So let’s start right there..

Big App Update

All the mining hardware has now been fully setup:

  • NVIDIA GPUs > mining Ethereum
  • ASICS (S19PRO + S17PRO) > mining Bitcoin

Essentially ‘hashing power’ will be sold to our users, in exchange for FLS. We also plan to have a calculator available –  to assist with some calculations. This will of course only provide an ‘estimated guess’ as to what one may reasonable expect to mine.

There are of course many factors for miners to consider, and we urge everyone to make their own well informed/educated decisions in this regard. Mined earnings will be sent as either ETH or BTC.

In addition to the above, there’s also a lot more to look forward to with the upcoming release!

  • Stylish new Home Screen - with widgets
  • Adjustable fees for sending Bitcoin
  • Vastly improved Support/Helpdesk experience

We are just concluding the final testing now, ironing out any last minute bug fixes.

Growing Chinese Community

Our Chinese community is continuing to flourish. This cements our view that we need to potentially expand upon our language support – sooner rather than later. We have just added a a new ‘hangout’ spot on our discord, along with the already existing ‘international’ channels.

Our diverse community illustrates the impact the Flits team is starting to have in the wider crypto space. We are grateful for each and every one of you, wherever you may live. Thank you.

Legal Experts – Flits Plays It Safe

With upcoming European and Dutch regulations, the Flits team have taken an extremely responsible stance in poising ourselves to be fully compliant (in all areas required). We have spared no cost in obtaining some of the best legal advise in the crypto space. The law firm we have chosen to work closely with us, are specialists in blockchain and crypto regulations (not only in the Netherlands, but also Europe as a whole).

The reality is simple. We envision Flits as being leaders in the crypto space. As such, we need to conduct ourselves as the ‘role-model’, which others may then choose to emulate.

Swap Feature – More Choice Coming!

Flits app users will soon be treated to an increased choice in terms of available swap pairs. Although our swap feature has already enjoyed a steady growth since it’s inception, we feel that the upcoming additions will only accelerate its increasing popularity.

As you can see.. yet another busy week for the Flits Team. Try to keep safe everyone.

Til next time,


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