Our new gizmo just launched, riveting news regarding giftcards, community involvement with the launch of Eth tokens, new listings, a rock solid fix implemented, new pairing on exchanges now live & important scam prevention tips! This weeks edition has it all!

It’s the weekend, and what better way to kick start it off – than by chillaxing with some of the hottest happenings in the world of Flits!

Extraction Tool – Released!

With future enhancements regarding the user interface already in the planning, there was no stopping the launch of our very own ‘Official Flits Extraction Tool!’. Our own in-house tool is designed for the extraction of your private keys - by entering your Seed Phrase. This subsequently allows for the importation into desktop wallets.

Since its official launch on Monday, we have been elated with all the positivity coming our way. Thank you to our loyal community for displaying such wonderful support.. you truly make these moments feel momentous for us!

Important reminder: Only download the tool from the Official Flits GitHub. Do not use any public/shared computer. Intended for offline usage, on your own secure/protected devices. Use at own risk!

Flitsnode GitHub: https://github.com/flitsnode/flits-extraction-tool

Giftcards – HUGE range coming!

Flits app users are likely to be thrilled once more! This time by the news of more than 200 new giftcards being added!! Our UK customers are set to be bowled over by choice!

Our exciting range will, however, continually evolve (and potentially even rotate), as a result of factors outside of our control.. Think now in terms of companies such as Netflix – who may face certain regulations etc.

The take away points here are that Flits is on an upward trajectory of momentous proportions!We desire only to walk the path of the ‘straight and narrow’. It is crystal clear to us, that every decision we make, has potential ramifications. We have a very solid crew manning this ship, and are on a steadfast mission.

ETH tokens – ‘Go Live’ upon us

Though our initial focus has been on stable coins, we still wanted our community to share their views – with regards to what they would like to see introduced first..

For this reason, we have launched a ‘pop-up’ channel on our Discord server, with some previously identified options - based on popularity. So be sure to pop around ;).. and let your voice be heard!

New Listings – NestEgg Coin (EGG) & Documentchain (DMS)

This week saw two new coin listings – both supporting the running of masternodes. Those interested have wasted no time in already launching several nodes on each.

Staking Withdrawals - Fix Roll-out

Very recently, we became aware of a small percentage of our users, experiencing some difficulties with regards to withdrawing from cold staking. For the most part, simply reducing the withdrawal amount by one coin seemed to offer a temporary work around. For fewer still, the little gremlin decided to remain.

The real difficulty, was that as the issue only affected a small number of users, it was hard for us to replicate it on our end. Our technical team, however, worked round the clock in an attempt to find that little guy, and managed to roll-out an OTA update fix.

Almost immediately, we saw a positive impact.. and are therefore hopeful, that this puts the matter to rest - once and for all. We wish to thank those affected for their patience while we addressed the issue.

FREE Cold Staking – Extended through November!!

If you weren’t already aware.. the Flits team have been running an awesome FREE cold staking promotion - for quite some time already.

Though originally intended to run until month end, we are pleased to inform you that the decision has been taken, to once again extend – now throughout the month of November!!

This recent development means that anyone new to the world of cold staking, has a fantastic opportunity to give it a whirl. And those already doing so, have some more time to potentially rake in their rewards – at no cost. So what have you really got to lose? Think about it!

If you get stuck on deciding which coin.. why not consider our very own FLS?! It’s past performance speaks for itself!

You can also easily find which coins offer cold staking via our “Discover” tab within the app.

ETH Pairing – Crex24 & StakeCube

Some very cool breaking news in the land of Flits, was the introduction of ETH/FLS pairing on both Crex24 & StakeCube this week! Though there’s not so much in the way of liquidity at this point in time, it is reasonable to expect that as the news catches on.. this will likely change considerably.

With the Ethereum wallet already available in app (for a while now), this gives the rest of us, the final push we may have needed to add it onto our very own dashboards.. Looks great – doesn’t it!? ;).. Hmmm – this leads to some interesting possibilities..

Scam Prevention – TAKE NOTE

Though the Flits app offers our users a remarkable level of safety, criminals are always trying their utmost to find a way around our fortress.

Do not install AnyDesk (or anything similar) on your mobile device - hosting the Flits app. Do not create a backdoor – where there need not be any.
We will NEVER ask you to install such – NEVER!
We will not DM you first (social media channels). Scammers use this tactic regularly – so be warned!!
We will NEVER ask you for your Seed Phrase. Do not share it with anyone – ever! End of story.
Before sending a DM to any Flits Team member, first 100% confirm their FULL discord ID.

Team Flits Discord ID’s:

Mitchel - Blockworks B.V. (530389608111013899)

Koen - Blockworks B.V. (488799106802647061)

Kakoonz (670015415027761164)

Continuous (312326565168152580)

Yura04071989 (387578991697068033)

How to confirm Discord ID’s:
1. Within Discord, head over to your “User Settings”.

2. Click “Appearance”.

3. Scroll down and toggle the “Developer Mode” option to the on position.

4. Now you can simply right click any user, and then “Copy ID”

5. Paste it somewhere and confirm against the the Flits Team ID’s listed above.

You now know who you are really talking to. Please adopt this approach as we care for your safety.

Til next time,


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