This week has once again served as the new marker, for many more milestones reached by the Flits team. As has become almost routine nowadays, these ‘markers’ in turn serve as the starting points for even bigger and better things to come!! So be sure to get yourself comfortable, as some juicy tidbits await in this weeks update!!

SCC - Swap

We are pleased to inform that all those holding SCC within the Flits app, experienced an effortless coin swap process. Our aim was to be both efficient and professional in our execution, and as was planned, the physical swap went down without a hitch! Any potential difficulties experienced by masternode holders, were quickly ironed out too.

Note: Although SCC wallet addresses have remained the same inside the Flits app, this is not necessarily the case elsewhere. We therefore wish to remind all of our customers, to please be very vigilant when sending your coins to an external wallet.

We have further decided (as an added layer of safety), to remove all saved StakeCube addresses in app. This will hopefully reduce the likelihood of anyone making a costly mistake. Just another way to show you, that we most certainly care ;)..

The Big 4000!

This past week was definitely not without the usual thrill and excitement, which we have all grown accustomed to! Yet another big milestone reached – more than 4000 hosted masternodes!! Couple this with the fact that we now have over 16000 users, and you can certainly understand why more and more heads are beginning to turn our way.

The truth is that none of this would be possible without you – our loyal community. We are truly grateful for each and every one of you! Thank you!!

Though the whole team is working extremely hard, it is our hope that the late night hours which we are all putting in – will benefit you all in the long run.. Whether it simply be from a user experience, or from your investment in the FLS coin itself.

FLS – Upward Trajectory Gains Momentum

Those holding FLS were once again this week, left with even broader smiles.. while eager onlookers wanted in on a piece of the action!! The price reassuringly hovering around the 15k sats range..

The pretty impressive trading volume of the flits coin - bridging the two busier exchanges, perhaps for some, even resembled a kind of ‘see-saw’.

As Flits begins to strategically step into the limelight, one thing is for certain.. our project continues to gain respect and recognition for its ambitious advancements! The continually growing demand for FLS serving as confirmation thereof.

ETH tokens – First Test

Following the popular announcement last week - regarding the upcoming integration of ETH tokens, we are excited to tell you that the first tests are now complete! Be sure to keep a close eye for any new developments ;)..

SegWit testing

Segregated Witness allows for a reduction in size to store transactions on the blockchain. What this all potentially means to the end user, is lower transaction fees, than Legacy addresses.

With testing ongoing, this is yet another exciting development to look forward to..

UX/UI tweaks

We don’t want to give away too much right now ;) - but suffice to say, talks are indeed ongoing with a talented designer. This.. in an effort to further improve the Flits app, with a fresh new look and feel!

Extraction Tool

As if there wasn’t enough good news for us to share!! Now nearing completion - the very first version of our extraction tool! Though our core focus was on functionality this time round, you can certainly look forward to future enhancements with regards to the user interface.. We hope to have this first version available for download within the coming days!

The tool itself serves as a way to extract the private keys from wallets hosted on the Flits app. Users can then import these into desktop wallets.. Just another way, for you to feel even more protected!

Note: It is up to everyone to ensure that his/her pc is protected and secured to the max.

Please bear in mind too, that the tool is to be used at your own risk. We are not responsible for anything which can go awry, such as losing your masternode “enabled” status (should you import and your node collateral starts staking) etc.

Enhanced customer support

In our ongoing effort to improve the overall customer experience, we are also looking into:

- easier navigation for reaching Support

- a new and improved Helpdesk

- post interaction customer satisfaction surveys

General reminder

The maintenance is ongoing for the in app barcode scanner (used for Epay activations). We hope to have this completed very soon.

Until such time, users can send us the last 4 digits of their barcodes (via an in app support ticket). We will then manually be able to assist you, so that you can proceed with Epay registration, topups etc.

Til next time,