It's Friday again and that means it's time for a new weekly update from the Flits team. It has been a busy week in terms of developments and we have some great news.

Epay card

We are very close to the release of the epay card. You might have spotted the tab already in the menu of the app, which gives you a message that the card will become available on September 14th. That's 3 more days! You will be able to order your card from next Monday and we will start the shipping process this month as well. The prices will be available Monday as well. It will be a base rate + shipping costs.

New designer

Yesterday we had a meeting with someone who is going to redefine our brand. He is a very talented graphic artist who is gonna start with defining Flits in a brandbook, from where he is gonna base a entire set of artwork which will be used on the website and in the app, so Flits will be recognizable by it's brand! The designer starts next week, and we hope to have some more info and maybe even some demo's in a month.

Interview with Emilio from Know Your Developer

This week we had a interview with Emilio from the KYD project. We enjoyed the interview a lot and the video is now up on YouTube.

Check it out here:

DIP3 masternodes now available

It took us some time to build, but it's now finally here, DIP3 masternodes. DIP3 is the technique used in Dash and more and more coins are now changing towards this system. Crypto Sports and ZCoin are a few of the coins that switched this year, so we had to temporarily disable masternode hosting, but we are happy to announce that they are now both back to host on Flits!

Sapphire fork to Kyanite

Yesterday the long awaited fork for Sapphire happened. A new coin, Kyanite is now born and everyone with SAPP on Flits is able to get free Kyanite. Read more info about it in our dedicated article on the Flits Support website.

FLS wallet update

We're just finishing up the design, but this weekend we release the long awaited update for FLS. The new update will add more security features, a new layout for the desktop wallets, cold staking and more. Release and documentation will come up Sunday. Users of the Flits app will receive a notification when their node needs to be restarted.

Flits app extraction tool

One feature more and more people are asking about is the extraction tool for the Flits app. This will make it possible to extract private keys of your app wallet on desktop in case something happens with the company or with the app. This tool is set to release in October, however we don't have a set date for it yet

That was it for this week! Next week we can expect some new giftcard countries and coin listings!

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