It have been a few busy weeks, but here we are again and our update is finally accepted by both app stores and ready to download!

New gift cards

In the new app we find a new gift card shop with new offers for much more countries, which will be added over the next few weeks. The brands are also expanding every week so more gets added over time. Soon brands like Spotify and Netflix return as well. Take a look around and find something cool!

Epay card

As you might know, we release the ordering of the debit card soon. It’s issued by epay and you can buy top up credit through our app soon and spend it everywhere. The card is, for now, available for European citizens and ordering starts September 14th inside the app.

Bug fixes and small improvements

We have implemented several bug fixes inside the app where the biggest one is the cold staking withdraw fix where people sometimes had issues and gave them a wrong alert. Also cold staking is now available for Rapids (RPD) and Simple Software Solutions (SSS).

Furthermore, we added more statistics to the masternodes like IP and wallet address (pubkey).

Signing your addresses is now possible to. Some platforms require you to verify ownership of a address/masternode to earn you some benefits.

What to expect in the future?

Well, a lot of exciting stuff! The app got more stable with this update and ready for some next steps. We are currently planning a update in the UX of the app to flow new users into getting started with the app and even make it possible to get going without knowing anything about masternodes or staking. Think about steps from buying your first crypto to starting the first node in a easy flow.

To accomplish this, we are working on hiring a new designer which is gonna work on shiny new images to implement in the app. Also some new third party providers will be connected, like MoonPay to process creditcard/bank to crypto and later also the other way around, (so selling your rewards to fiat).

We’re also adding a lot more swap pairs soon. A lot more coins will be swappable and maximum swap times can go to about two hours instead of the current not set timeframe. FLS to fiat/BTC/ETH/LTC will become available as well.

Ethereum tokens will also be a addition to the app. Last June, we added Ethereum to the app to store them in, and now we will support tokens for it as well. Even better, you can deposit 32 ETH soon and get it staking when the new Ethereum mainnet goes live! Tests are fully going on at the moment.

Ethereum will not be the only coin to stake, we are working on adding more and more staking coins like DAI, Cardano, Kava, Cosmos.

Flits is moving more to a complete crypto solution with storing money, earning money, and spending it with all convenience in mind!

To add the research side as well, we’re finishing up the new coin info pages as well, we’re linking with platforms like CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and Cryptocompare to get statistics inside the app where you can analyze crypto in.

That was it for this week, we will make a planning for these events soon, for now we keep working on a bit more stability and processing of bug reports.

Have a good week!