Fls Is On A Rocket Ship

Fls is up 118% in the last 30 days. It was being traded at around 74 cents 30 days back and right now it is at $1.64. As we grow, more people are recognizing the usefulness of Flits and why it is a good investment. We always try to provide the best products we can and that carries over to the growth in the price of Fls coins.

App-Wise Performance

The growth in our user base is even more exciting than the recent market performance of Fls. We currently have 14,680 users on our platform. They are running a total of 3,373 masternodes and the total amount of funds stored on Flits app is 221 BTC which is over $2.6 million. These numbers keep growing by the day and we are very happy to see that. We also keep adding new coins and we now store 83 coins in the Flits mobile app.

Flits Web Has Been Launched

The much-anticipated Flits web is finally live. We have made it very easy for you to log in. You do not have to enter any info, all you have to do is scan a QR code from your app, and it will very soon allow you to control all the functions of your Flits app from the web portal. As soon as you login you are greeted with a beautiful screen that you the value of your portfolio and chart that track its recent performance. You can also see other useful info like how many nodes you are running, when you received your last reward, and how much fees is left in your account. You can further click on any of the coins from the list and see your recent transactions and also get your deposit address and its QR code. Click on this link to try it out https://web.flitsnode.app/auth

We Are Ready To Push Out The Next App Update

We have been working very hard on tweaking and updating a lot of stuff inside the current version of the Flits app and have also added a bunch of new features. We cannot wait to show it to everyone. We will push the update to play store and iOS store on 27th August 2020. It is going to be good, get ready.

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