Welcome to weekly update 32! It's very hot out here, so we've been working hard, but also enjoyed the sun a bit. We tell you all about it in this weekly update.

The new support system

Since last Wednesday we have introduced our new support system. For you as user it still looks the same, but for us as the Flits team, it is completely different. We have contracted ourselves with Zendesk and we work with internal ticket systems. This make it easier, faster, and more clearer for us to view the tickets and issues submitted through our support system. This also resulted in good results. 70% of the tickets were solved in less than 2 hours.

New Knowledge Base

Last week we also started with created a knowledge base for our app, where we will describe every functionality inside the app and how to use it. It is a work in progress, but the portal is already live at: https://support.flitswallet.app/hc/en-us

App development

This month we are working on finalizing the August update for the Flits app. It has a lot of bug fixes you guys reported to us over the past few weeks and also fixes some textual and design issues. Ofcourse it also adds some new functionality. We disclosed some already in a previous article, but we will keep a few others as a surprise for you to find out.

Flits Web

In a few days the long awaited first version of  Flits Web will arrive to your desktops! For all the users who wish to use Flits on a desktop when they are for example working on their laptops the solution is finally there. You need the mobile phone as your base device, and you can link up a webbrowser through a QR code. For actions like sending coins or deploying a node, you just need to confirm this on your mobile phone. Flits Web will be released this Thursday.

Coin listings

This week we have added AXEL Network (AXEL) and Merge (MERGE) on the Flits app. Both interesting projects where we will also have some articles for very soon.

Next week we will list Ultragate (ULG) and Noir (NOR)

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