Winners Have Been Chosen

Our bounty campaign has come to an end and we want to congratulate all the winners and thank everyone who participated. Please check if your address is on the list and if so you can expect to receive your reward by 15th August.

Flits Web Is Coming

Mitchel showcased the power of Flits web on live video on 1st June and it is finally ready to be released. It will allow anyone to use all the features of the Flits app on a desktop by simply scanning a QR code from their mobile. No need to enter seed words again, just scan the QR code and enjoy Flits on your desktop.

Epay Cards

There have been a few sweats the past weeks with Wirecard missing a few billion dollars but we are now confident that we can safely release the card soon. We are integrating it into the app now and when finished there will be more details on the ordering and shipping process. But, it’s coming :)

Gift Cards 2.0

We know how much you love gift cards. That is why are changing our gift cards provider so that there is a much wider array of choices and the service is available to more countries. We are also revising the gift cards screen and adding filters which will make it much easier to find the right gift card for your needs.

Enhanced Support

It has been very busy over the past few weeks with the wave of new users joining us. We are currently in contact with some new guys who will be trained to provide you with quick assistance. We are also implementing Zendesk into our systems for better ticket handling.

Fiat gateway

Soon you will be able to buy Bitcoin and other coins inside Flits app using Fiat money. This service will later be extended to Fls and then to other coins.

New App Update

The new app update is rolling out in August and here are are some of the things it will include

  • KYD logo for verified projects
  • Message signing
  • Discover section will show a lot more details
  • Masternodes tab will show more info about your nodes

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