It is Friday which means it is time for a weekly update

We have grown rapidly in the past few days in terms of the number of community members and Flits app user base and thus we’ve had to adapt quickly. With this unprecedented growth rate in Flits, our numbers have reached new heights, and we are very excited to share it with all of you.

Another Day, Another Milestone

There are now over 10k users of Flits app. By adding support for more coins on the Flits app we have converted it to a multi-crypto mobile wallet, on top of being a masternode hosting platform. This has allowed us to attract more people who are just looking for an easy and secure wallet to store all their crypto coins in one place. Holding coins in Flits wallet is free of cost and very secure, since only you hold the private keys to your wallets. All you need to remember is one set of seed words that gives you access to all your coins.

Flits Wallet Campaign

The wallet campaign that we launched on 15th June has been very successful and over 9,000 people have participated in it already. It will end on 20th July so this number will still increase. Make sure to participate if you haven’t already. There are lots of prizes to be won.

Our Telegram Community Is Growing

It seems like Flits has been discovered by a lot of new people recently and we are seeing a huge growth in our telegram channel which now has 5972 members in it. We may be over 6k members by time you read this report.

We Welcome Our New Community Managers

To take care of this sudden growth we have hired 2 new community managers for Flits. They are very helpful and always ready to provide quick answers. You can easily find them in our discord and telegram channels. Make sure you are talking to the real community manager at all times. Their official names in telegram are Continuous (@Continousz) and MoonVoyager (@Yarelyteamo). In discord, they go by the names yura04071989#2715 and Continuous#6445.


Providing Passive Income as Well as Employment Opportunities

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Flits has now been approved to provide internships. We are now big enough to provide internships to young entrepreneurs and people who are passionate about cryptocurrencies and are at a starting point in their careers. You can expect to see new interns at our offices soon.

It was a Busy Week, Like Always

Last week we updated a lot of wallets to their latest versions. The list includes Birake, StakeCube, DogeCash, Streamies, Klimatas, Telos, StakingLab, and IndexChain. Even though some of these new updates were unstable and required another update or further maintenance, Flits team was very quick to solve it amidst all the growth other daily tasks. All thanks to our amazing developers and their love for coffee.

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