If velocity may be considered a measure of productivity, then this week, the Flits team covered yet greater distances! Describing the past week as ‘busy’, just doesn’t meet the benchmark. So let’s dive in once more – allowing you, our valued community, closer to the coalface.

Extraction Tool – Beta Test Phase

With so many eagerly awaiting its arrival, the Flits team pushed on ahead with the beta launch of our very own ‘Official Flits Extraction Tool!’. The offline extraction of private keys from wallets hosted on the Flits app – now being made simple.

The first feedback has already been received – and improvements regarding functionality currently being implemented as a result. Planned ‘Go Live’ is next week!

Note: When available, only download from the Official Flits GitHub. Do not use any public/shared computer. Intended for offline use, on your own secure/protected devices & at own risk!

ETH tokens – Final Tests Complete!

Perhaps one of the most anticipated developments regarding the Flits app, involves the integration of ETH tokens. Those with hearts racing, likely grasp that this development, opens up a whole new world of possibilities!

With the final tests now complete, we have also planned the ‘Go Live’ for next week! Our initial focus will be on stable coins..

KAVA & ATOM – Integration Now Complete!

Now fully integrated as ‘live’ in the backend, all that’s left is for the actual listing to go out. This is planned for the first week of November – and will be pushed in an app update.

UX/UI Tweaks

On yet another exciting note, our previously spoken of ‘talks’, have now progressed somewhat since then.. we can now confirm that next week will be a pivotal moment - with regards to commencing with the new user interface and experience for the Flits app. This will bring yet another breath of fresh air to our most special app!

The talented designer selected will be working very close with the core team, ensuring the direct realization of our vision. The fact that he is Dutch himself, allows for crystal clear communication in this regard. An extremely exciting time for Flits!

New Milestones Reached

More than 200 newly deployed masternodes – since the last major milestone of 4K. This bringing the total now to well over 4200 masternodes hosted on the Flits app!

The user count has also now surpassed 16400, with a total wallet valuation (upon spot check) exceeding 300 BTC – truly wild stuff!

Improved Helpdesk

There has also been much traction in terms of improving upon & refining the current content – for our new and improved help desk. The last version simply didn’t cut it in terms of the quality – which we desire for our brand.

We trust that once live, both new and existing users will find it of great value.

FLS - Weekly Round-up

Another potentially breathtaking period - while the price of FLS continued it’s epic rally. Upon reaching the 19k sats range earlier in week – it’s hard to imagine holders, with jaws not dropping to the ground ;)..

As one would expect, though, we have seen a little correction since then.. but holding steady in the 14k-15k sats range. Overall the team is pretty happy with the performance thus far..

Friend of Flits - CryptoTube

As Flits continues to grow, so to does our list of ‘true friends’. Just like our community, we appreciate each and every one of them! Where possible, we’d like to show our appreciation – for them being a part of our lives.

This week, we would like to pay special tribute to our good friend over at ‘CryptoTube’. For those unfamiliar, this content creator puts out regular crypto related YouTube vids – that many newbies and veterans alike appreciate.

Though not strictly speaking advice, his ‘opinions’ come across as being really well thought out. Viewers are essentially able to accompany it with their own conducted research – helping to make more informed decisions themselves. As a result, one may not feel so alone walking this yellow brick road..

"Having run my own Masternodes and knowing the complexity of setting them up not to mention the monitoring, wallet updates and issues that can arise. I am very happy to use a non custodial solution that takes care of the Masternode maintenance for me.  The Flits app saves me time and money and I am happy to recommend it to anyone who is looking for a reliable and secure service.

Passive income has never been easier. " - CryptoTube

So Flits community, let’s please show some love and support for an awesome guy..

Be sure to check out CryptoTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHqv8HoXfgaOGNPNgPo5FTg

Til next time,


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