Hello everyone! Welcome you to our weekly update! We had a busy weekend this easter weekend but here is the weekly update!

Summary of this week:

  • App development
  • New listings
  • This week
  • Growing interest

App development
Last week we have been working on the app a lot. We did refactor a lot of code to improve the speed and the app feels a lot more fast and responsive now as it did before, so we succeeded.

We also finished the first tests with cold staking and the app is really getting together nicely. In the next weekly update, we will show you more screenshots and a more detailed summary of what happened, as we plan on having much more features build in by then.

New Listings

This week we had not new listings because we put the developing of the app on the first place. Upcoming week we hope to list BTC2 on the Flits platform.

This week

This week we will be very busy improving the current in-app support and start introducing a FAQ. This way it is more convenient for our users to get a current answer on there questions. We are currently creating the FAQ and looking through all the question that have been asked while Flits was live. We hope implementing the new FAQ in the upcoming two weeks.

Growing interest
We notice that Flits is getting a lot of attention with different parties within the crypto environment. We see a lot of new investors and also get approached by different people who want to help us growing Flits! We are very thankful for this and really believe in the current product, but we cannot wait until the release of version 4.0.

Also we notice a lot of non-crypto investors are getting familiar with Flits and use it to try and explore the possibilities of Crypto and passive income. Really nice to see this development within the Flits ecosystem and we hope to make these two worlds meet within the new Flits app. But more about that in the next update.

It was a small update, but still nice to keep everyone updated on the development of Flits. Thanks for supporting us and we hope to see you next week!

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