For the last few months we have been working very hard on the new version of our product. Flits 3.0 is almost ready to go live and we are very excited to bring you the most easy and secure masternode service.

We are doing the final tests and bug fixes at the moment to give you the best investment tool for masternodes. It all looks very good, and especially when you use Flits in dark mode. 😍

Almost everything is ready. Support staff is being trained to use the live chat, servers are being installed, and coins are being added to the new platform. We also have new marketing campaigns standing by and ready to go live once Flits hits the app stores.

So, just hold on for a little bit more, we are coming to you in the next days 🙏🏻

We sadly had some delays, but there are a some factors that caused it. I felt like explaining the situation to you so you all understand a bit what is going on.

The wallets are on your device

The feature to have those wallets on your device is not easy and brings a lot of checks for me as developer to make sure everything is alright. If something goes wrong with a wallet, I can't help out on the server side since everything is at your own phone. This is something we could on the old versions.

Travel plans

This summer I had a lot of travels planned. We hoped to have the product finished on July 1st, but the product we had by the time wasn't of the quality we were looking for. Because of the travelling this summer I simply couldn't get to it.

My week job

The bills don't pay itself. We still require jobs to pay for everything and we can't live on the profits of Flits and Klimatas yet.


Currently I still have to work on support. When I was building the first version of Flits we didn't have a customer base and support needs. I completely miscalculated this in my estimate to finish the product.

Only one developer

This is maybe the biggest "problem" we encounter. I'm the only developer in the company, which means it comes down to me on the development part.

Enough to be done! After the new Flits update we start on the new Flits Web feature, which connects your browser to your phone so you can use it on your computer with all the safety of your phone. Also we are actively working on the new Klimatas investment platforms and new TreeNodes and Tree app