Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing services and has become a major part of the IT industry. Giants like Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, and countless other companies are competing to become the biggest provider of cloud services, but alas, all of them are plagued by massive issues like security, server downtime, huge costs, etc that prevents users from getting the most out of their cloud storage. Most of these issues only arise because of the centralized servers that these companies use. This means that all your data is always at risk of being stolen or getting wiped out. But for every problem there is always a solution, which in this case is to store your files in an encrypted form and decentralized manner. This is exactly what Simple Software Solutions (SSS) is here to do. They plan to build an ecosystem of decentralized user-friendly cloud services that are cheaper, faster, and more secure than what any other centralized company is providing today. Plus it provides the opportunity to earn passive income to people who run SSS masternodes by making use of free resources available on their computers. The first product this company is building is decentralized cloud storage which they are calling Simple Storage.

Benefits of using Simple Storage


This is perhaps the most important factor when choosing a cloud storage provider. Centralized storage providers always have access to your files. In SSS, files are encrypted before they are stored and only the owner possesses the key to unlock his files.


If you are using centralized cloud service and the provider goes out of business then you will most probably lose your files. Or if the servers of the provider are destroyed or wiped out then also you will lose your files. They also charge you a premium to keep backups of your data but the beauty of decentralization is that SSS stores your files in not one but several different locations around the world so your files are always safe and accessible. Even if a few servers go down you never actually lose your data.

User Friendly

SSS is building user friendly interfaces similar to google drive, one drive, and dropbox which will reduce the barrier of entry for a large number of users. Some other decentralized storage providers offer complicated processes to store files, which fends off everyday users.


Most centralized service providers keep using old hardware to reduce their costs but personal computers around the world are regularly upgraded which will provide better performance than a single service provider.

Reward Sharing

Every time someone buys cloud storage on SSS, the revenue is shared among all the masternode holders who are providing free space on their computers.


They aim to provide their services at a cheaper rate than any other centralized or decentralized cloud provider.

Market Size of Cloud Computing

The market of cloud computing is huge, just to give a small example, most of the applications and games that you use, store data related to your account on the cloud. Moreover from a single user that needs to keep a backup of his photos and videos to all the major corporations around that need to store terabytes of data, all rely on cloud storage. This has led to a current cloud market size of 266 Billion USD and is expected to grow at CAGR of 18%.

With this type of market growth and advancement in blockchain technology, there is a very good opportunity here to stop using the services of giant corporations that only care about filling their own pockets. On one hand they say that your data is private but then these are the same people who sell your data to others for money. If we combine all the resources on personal computers around the world, it will turn out to be a huge number and most of the time there are free resources on these PCs that never get utilized. So why don’t we all share our resources and revenues among ourselves and stop filling the pockets of giant centralized corporations.

Masternode ROI

Required coins for masternode: 2,500

ROI (annual): 63.22% / 577 days

AVG masternode reward frequency: 9h 25m 23s

Active masternodes: 181

Coins locked in masternodes collateral: 452,500 SSS (20.16%)

Masternode worth: $168.69 / 0.01790 BTC

SSS Team

SSS team currently has over 12 people and some of them have a lot of experience in their respective fields. One can easily get in touch with the core team on their discord.

Founders: CryptoMan and Repo

CryptoMan — Outside of SSS he is a Microsoft Stack Consultant.

Repo — Repo is a developer and has assisted many projects in the blockchain space.

liquid369 — He is also a developer with vast amounts of knowledge in the blockchain space. He is the developer of dogecash along with part of the dev team on Pivx.

USPs Of Using Simple Software Solutions

Better Safety

Better Privacy

User Friendly UI

Better And Faster Performance

Services Cost Less Than Others

Masternode Owners Earn Rewards For Sharing Free Resources


The proposition that SSS makes will be very helpful for a large number of people. The cloud computing market is growing exponentially which should provide SSS very fast growth since its services will most likely be in very high demand. And they also provide everyday people the opportunity to earn passive income by renting the free resources on their computers which will appeal to a lot of people. This is your chance to take power away from giant corporations and support individual persons around the world.

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