We are happy to announce that we will be hosting pre-sale of PowerBalt (PWRB) on our platform.

Are you interested in possibly getting a 350,000% return on your bet ? You can with PWRB, if you are lucky enough.

What is PowerBalt ?

Powerbalt is a lottery system built on blockchain that takes advantage of the official US PowerBall draw which is held twice a week. This allows them to provide the trust of official US PowerBall draw and at the same time provide 70  times higher winning odds than the official draw itself (for three number bets). And if that’s not all you are 7 times more likely to win a lottery in Powerbalt.

How do they do it ?

In Powerbalt you place your bets using PWRB tokens and are also paid in the same. But the winner is decided based on the numbers drawn at the official US PowerBall draw. This allows a lot of freedom in what the odds are for the winners to be selected and how much they win. For eg — With PowerBalt, the odds of you winning a three-number bet and getting a 350,000% return are almost 7 times higher than the odds of you matching 4 white balls on the official PowerBall draw. That makes you almost seven times more likely to win such a bet and, when you do, the total winnings paid out are actually 70 times higher. You can choose to bet on one, two or three numbers at a time. As you can guess, the chances of winning a one number bet are the highest but when it comes to rewards, three number bets take the lead by a huge margin.

Benefits of Betting With PWRB

People always doubt about the authenticity of winners in a new lottery system. But PWRB eliminates this issue by not drawing the winning numbers on its own but rather relying official US PowerBall draw to choose the numbers. On top of that since everything is automated and is recorded on the blockchain there are no risks of any frauds taking place in the process of selling tickets or distribution of rewards.

With the help of PWRB people can bet from anywhere in the world, all they need is a computer and an internet connection.

Ease of Use
PWRB provides a seamless user experience from buying lottery tickets to rewards distribution. To participate in a lottery all you have to do is pick your numbers inside the wallet and click on buy. And the rewards are automatically distributed to the winners after the PowerBall draws. There is no human involvement  apart from the players themselves.

Low Cost to Organise Lotteries
Since all the process is automated, there is no need to spend any money on organising the event or selling tickets, this allows the devs to take only 5% of winning amounts which they will then use in marketing and future development.

Burning Mechanism and the use of loopholes
All the amount spent on buying lottery tickets are automatically burned which makes the coins more valuable and appealing to the investors. This also eliminates the need for team members to hold any licences since they are not really selling the lottery tickets if the amount is just getting burned. This is an ingenious use of a loophole in the system.

Staking Rewards

If you are not interested in participating in lotteries, you can also stake PRWB coins and earn staking reward which will give you about 300% ROI in the early days.

Potential of PWRB System

The total gambling market size is enormous and it is slowly shifting towards the use of blockchain technology due to the apparent benefits eliminating trust issues and easy worldwide access. Thus, it is one of the industires that can really leverage the power of blockchain technology and get huge benefits from it.

According to The Business Research Company, the global gambling market is expected to reach a value of around $565.4 billion, growing at an annual rate of 5.9% through 2022.

A Look Into Expertise Of PWRB Team

Currently there are 3 team members known by the names Timan-PWRB, PWRBadmin and PWRB-Developer. All three team members are available on discord and more members will be recruited when the need arises.

PWRB-Developer: He has worked in the world of crypto for four years. His focus has been on creation, and support of wallets for new projects as well as fixing issues with other coins chains. He has got a mention in the PIVX github for assisting them with the release of their wallet.
In his own words, “The unique nature of the PWRB wallet alone should provide evidence of my development skills beyond those of many project teams of the past.”

TimanPWRB: He has been working as a marketing manager for several successful projects. Looking at his success and expertise he was invited to the team by PWRB-Developer to assist with marketing promotions of PWRB.

PWRBadmin: Has worked in the world of crypto for 2.5 years, and mainly deals with website maintenance, development and infrastructure maintenance.


Looking at the market size of the gambling industry and the benefits that PWRB brings to the table, it is hard to argue that there is a huge need here that needs to be filled. And since both crypto and lottery are considered to be high risk high reward industries, it provides a big opportunity to introduce people from either sides to have a taste of the other side which is exactly what PWRB is doing.

Presale pricing

Week 1: Coin Price 9000 sats (June 11 to June 18)
Week 2: Coin Price 9500 sats (June 18 to June 25)
Week 3: Coin Price 10000 sats (June 25 to July 2)

Note: Maximum of 25,000 coins per phase. If coins sell out early during any phase, we move to the next phase early.

PowerBalt is now available from inside the Flits Swap feature

PowerBalt website: https://www.powerbalt.com/
PowerBalt Discord: https://discord.gg/axkWzps
PowerBalt GitHub: https://github.com/PWRB-Project/PWRB