All of us want to have some passive income and very few people would want to work in an office if they didn’t need the money. But the sad reality until now has been that in order to have a considerable amount of passive income you would have to invest a huge amount of money, whether it be in real estate, fixed deposits, mutual funds, ETFs, or peer to peer lending. The highest amount you can earn from any of these options would be around 7% per annum. So, to get just 1000$ in passive income per month you would have to invest over 170k $, which is a huge amount. Most people cannot afford that, but the good news is that with the advancement in technology, we have better investment opportunities available today, like investing in masternodes. Masternodes provide a very high ROI compared to other traditional investment options, and 99% off the time there is no lock-up period so you can withdraw your initial investment anytime you want.

What are Masternodes

Masternodes are full nodes of a proof of stake cryptocurrency that perform various activities on the blockchain network to make it more secure. Anyone can start his own masternode. To start one, you have to lock a certain amount of coins in your wallet and let it run 24/7. Most people choose to run masternodes on virtual private servers since it requires a stable internet connection and 24/7 uptime. Flits app allows you to run masternodes from your mobile phone for a very small fee of 3$ per month. For this small fee you get hassle-free and easy masternode deployment, the manual process of running a masternode requires technical knowledge and is very hard for people who have never done it before. Flits also provides you customer support from and your coins remain safe since only you hold the private keys on Flits.

How much can you earn from Masternodes

Masternodes are super profitable and the ROIs vary from coin to coin. It can be as high as 5000% or as low as 6%. Very high ROI investments are usually very risky, so the key here is to find a project with good ROI and a safe future. For that, you have to do some research and see which project will do well in the future. I will list two examples of good and stable projects with very good ROIs. Fls is the crptocurrency made the developers of Flits app, its masternode currently costs around 1000$ and rewards you with around 100$ per month. This makes its ROI 123% and you get your initial investment back in less than 300 days. This ROI will very likely go up over the next 1 year due to an increase in block reward. KTS on the other hand will cost you around 275$ to run a masternode and will give you around 28$ in rewards every month.

Benefits Of Running Masternodes

High ROI

Low investment cost

Enjoy passive income

Withdraw your investment anytime

Reinvest earned interest and increase your number of masternodes

Use Flits app for hassle-free masternode deployment and management

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