Austrians can spend crypto at 2500 locations

Residents of Austria will soon be able to spend Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum at 2500 locations. This has been made possible by the partnership between crypto payment processor Salamantex and online payment provider A1. This move will not only bring awareness in our world about crypto and its uses but will also help in preventing the spread of Covid-19 since cash can transmit the deadly disease from one person to another. They have plans to implement this service in neighboring countries following a successful run in Austria.

A1 and Salamantex Partner Up

Expedia starts accepting crypto payments

Expedia has partnered up with crypto travel platform to allow its users to book over 700,000 accommodation using crypto. Travala accepts over 25 cryptocurrencies and has a huge portfolio of over 2 million Hotels and Accommodations in 230 countries. Last year it Travala partnered up with and added 90,000 new options to its portfolio which increased its revenue by 33 percent.

Expedia And Travala Partner Up

Brock Pierce is running for 2020 US Presidential election

The crypto venture capitalist and child actor Brock Pierce has decided to run for US presidential elections. He is a big supporter of cryptocurrencies and even if he does not win, through his popularity he will help in educating people about the advantages of using cryptocurrencies. On the other hand Kanye West, one of the most popular singers has expressed his interest on Twitter about running for president.

Brock Pierce

Ravencoin’s vulnerability leads to an extra 315 million being generated over max supply

Hackers were able to exploit a vulnerability in Ravencoin which allowed them to generate 1.5% more Ravencoin than its maximum supply. Around 315 million Ravencoin was minted which equals 5.7 million dollars at current prices. This increases the current supply of RVN by 5% and max supply by 1.5%. The perpetrators are still unknown and have already exchanged the RVN. Even though no funds were stolen from anyone in this case, the extra supply will lead to a decrease in value for RVN holders.

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