In a round of seed funding, Morgan Creek has invested $2.8 million in Evertas. Evertas is an insurance provider focusing on cryptocurrencies.

Two promoters of the famous Ponzi scheme One Coin have been found dead in Mexico. US prosecutors have alleged that the total amount of funds scammed from people is around $4 Billion.

Use of cryptocurrency obfuscating services like Bitcoin mixers is rapidly increasing on the darknet. These types of techniques make it harder to track crypto transactions.

The decentralized storage provider Filecoin has pushed back the launch of its incentivized testnet. This is the final phase of testing before.

American lobbyist Jack Abramoff has pleaded guilty for his involvement in the alleged AML BitCoin ICO scam that has been accused of defrauding thousands of investors in 2018.

After just 2 weeks of Travala’s partnership with Expedia, their revenue has increased by 75%

As we move towards the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies, respected scholars have revealed that crypto trading is allowed in Shariah law. This could lead to Islamic countries opening their doors to crypto.

Revolut, the British challenger bank has now expanded its services to the US. They now allow US residents to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum from their app.

With the growing need for stable coins, Tether’s supply has now reached $10 Billion. During the last bull run, Tether’s supply was only 1 billion, but now it is sitting at 10 billion.

There has been a rise of 400% in trading volume in India during the last few months. Recently the Supreme court of India came to the conclusion that cryptocurrencies are not illegal. That, coupled with the Covid-19 lockdown has increased Indians’ interest in cryptocurrencies.

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