KALKULUS -An Entire Ecosystem Built On Blockchain

As we progress into the age of blockchain we have come across quite a few projects that are able to solve different problems in today's world with their advanced technologies and ideas. And Kalkulus is a project that is providing several blockchain based solutions to not one but many of these problems including easy mastenode deployment, virtual staking, instant and private transactions, storage services etc.

About The Project →
Kalkulus which is Indonesian for calculus was started in November 2017 as a single man project and has now grown to over 10 people who are actively participating in development of this project and they have plans to expand this number further. It started as a proof of work project but was converted to proof of stake in May 2018. Kalkulus aims to build a completely decentralised ecosystem that will help users and businesses in everyday operations.

KLKS Products →

Staking V Box — Allows users to stake their coins on a remote server so that they don’t have to keep their pc running 24/7.

Easy Maternode Deployment — Help users deploy masternodes on a remote server with an automated process.

COMA Nodes (Clientless Onsite Masternodes) — A cloud full node hosting system that allows to users to go through the process of masternode deployment in a clientless way, directly from inside The Hub.

Kalkulus Ecosystem (More Kalkulus features)→

KLKS Blockchain - Running on POS/masternodes technology KLKS is able to maintain a secure chain while being eco friendly and also reward users for keeping their blockchain stable.

KLKS Dappstore - It will be the official dapp store which will list all the dapps built on the KLKS blockchain.

KLKS Storage - This is the backbone of KLKS dapps and helps make KLKS dapps going offline impossible due to any server related issue. All dapps will be hosted on several different servers to achieve this feat.

KLKS-POE (Proof Of Existence) - A decentralised notary application that will allow anyone to immutably store a document on the KLKS blockchain. This will help in removing the role of a central authority to certify the ownership of any documents or files.

KLKS-MSG (Messenger) - A private peer to peer messaging app to help keep those messages secure and away from prying eyes.

KLKS KYC - KLKS team will provide powerful algorithms to validate an identity and its claims. This system will work in combination with other applications, taking advantage of the power of biometrics and blockchain to provide a global identity solution.

Swiftx and Obfuscation - KLKS uses these two technologies to facilitate instant and private transactions.

KLKS Market Performance →
KLKS is currently sitting at 0.004962$, and has seen quite a few ups and downs is price. It rose to an all time high of $0.086712 USD on Aug 02, 2018 due to the bull run and has seen an all time low of $0.001801 USD on Oct 10, 2019 but has recovered nicely to come back to more than twice that price. It is listed on 5 exchamges with past 24 hours trading amounting to over $64,801.

Masternode ROI →
Kalkulus uses the see-saw reward system to balance the rewards among masternode owners and stakers. This helps in keeping the network more decentralized and makes sure that even the smaller investors are compensated appropriately.

Required Collateral : 20,000 KLKS
ROI (annual) : 19.75% / 1848 days
Masternode worth : $99.31 / 0.01080 BTC
Coins locked in masternodes collateral : 4,300,000 KLKS (23.50%)

Reward Table -

Conclusion →
Even though Kalkulus has a low Masternode ROI, it has a lot of unique products that provide Kalkulus several very strong use cases so it tends to be one of the projects where your investment could to be on the safer side in the long run. And as we progress further in time and these services provided by KLKS start getting used more we could see KLKS price rise quite a lot because right now it seems to be sitting very low compared to its utility.

Important Links →
Website : https://kalkul.us/
CoinMarketCap : https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/kalkulus/
Discord : https://discord.io/kalkulus
Twitter : https://twitter.com/kalkulus_team
Whitepaper : Medium : https://medium.com/@kalkulus_team
Blockfolio Signal : https://blockfolio.com/coin/KLKS
Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5035207
Block explorer : https://chainz.cryptoid.info/klks/