Put your helmets on, get your pickaxes out of your basement: we are introducing BTC and ETH mining to the Flits app. You can easily buy hashing power inside the app and start earning Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The term passive income should sound familiar for you by now, most of you have a masternode running and also are staking some coins. Are you ready for a third option? In Flits 4.2, we are introducing Flits Mining.

With Flits mining, you can invest FLS in hashing power, our so called "workers". We have both BTC and ETH miners up and running. By buying a worker, you buy a share in the hashpower of both of these miners. This means you get the best of both worlds!

Are you only mining BTC and ETH?

For the moment we are, but we are always looking into alternative coins which could provide a higher ROI. Over time, the mining should be more and more optimised to always have the highest yield possible. Don't worry about payouts, they always will be in BTC or ETH!

How are payouts handled?

Currently payouts are biweekly, this allows us to reinvest in the meantime and providing our users with the best possible monthly yield. Current payment days are the 1st and the 15th of each month. You will get a nice push notification with what you have earned. You can then immediately spend it on giftcards or just HODL them. Mining costs are already factored in prior to payouts - meaning you get to keep it all! This of course includes the electricity to run the miners and a very small Flits management/maintenance fee of 5%.


As mentioned before, you are buying workers which are generating passive income for you. The price for 1 worker is €2.50 which has to paid exclusively with FLS. This adds a unique usecase to our coin as well!

Future planning for Flits Mining

We have just launched the feature, but we're now already thinking about the future usages of Flits Mining. In future updates we will make it possible to also sell your hashing power to other users, payouts in both ETH and BTC based on a customisable ratio and also auto-reinvest!

Get started now!

Our workers are standing by, waiting to start mining for you! Go to the newly introduced Quick Actions button in the middle of the bottom bar of the app, click on Mining, and get those workers moving.

If you have any questions about Flits Mining, try connecting with us in our Social channels like Discord and Telegram or our support ticket system in the app.

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