A Brief Overview Of The Project →
Giant (GIC) is a really interesting project, they are doing a lot of things right and have a lot to offer in the field of Blockchain technology. First of all Giant has made smart contracts deployment really simple by becoming the first project to allow developers to write smart contracts in JavaScript. Not only that, developers can even update or delete their smart contracts whenever they want. This is something that other big Blockchain projects like Ethereum lack resulting in useless obsolete data sitting on their Blockchain making it big and slow. Apart from that Giant has adopted other useful technologies like burning fee mechanism that makes sure that inflation doesn’t devalue their asset and self governance model that allows investors to steer the project in the right direction.

Giant Products And Utilities →

Giant Exchange is going to be a binary platform that will allow users to bet P2P on future prices of certain assets. Users will not have to buy any asset, they can simply put their money on the future prospective price of an asset based on their judgement and enjoy the rewards. Users will bet against a broker (someone who creates a smart bet contract) and nobody will be able to tamper with the information of funds locked, change terms of service, or create fraudulent schemes. GIC will be used as the primary financial tool on the platform.

As the name suggests this will be a decentralized betting marketplace that will guarantee payments since it will be built on smart contracts and will use reliable sports events results sources. Giant coin (GIC) will be the primary source of payment providing utility for the asset.

With Giant.Coldstake, stakeholders will get staking rewards even if their wallet is offline. This innovative technology will make Proof-of-Stake extremely convenient for everyone. No longer will it be required to have a computer turned running 24/7 to receive a reward.

Use Of JavaScript —
JavaScript is the most popular programming language which makes dapps development and smart contracts deployment on Giant network accessible to many more developers than other blockchains. Ethereum uses Solidity language and it is estiamted that only 200,000 developers know this language whereas JavaScript is known by at least several million developers.

Fees Burning Mechanism —
This will act as a counter inflation measure that will help to make GIC coin more valuable. Burning of the fees in the Giant network provides a long-term effect by increasing the value of GIC and by eliminating the problem of transaction spam.

Governance Model —
Giant gives its investors the opportunity to vote in key decisions about the project like budget allotment, masternode dividends, etc. Only investors who own a masternode will be allowed to vote giving GIC even more utility and value.

Explorer —
Unlike traditional explorers, Giant explorer tracks the total number and status of all the masternodes including when they were started, when did they receive their last reward and what is their rank based on the rewards they have earned which is pretty cool to see. It also tracks all the online nodes by their IP addresses and their versions. And of course it tracks other basic information like movement of coins, top 100 coin holder ranking, coin price, network difficulty and total coin supply.

Market Performance →
Current price of Giant is $0.008427 USD and is down -0.21% over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 2 active markets Graviex and Crex24 with Graviex having 92.77% of the volume.

Market Cap = $60,269.36 USD
Volume (24h) = $2,550.32 USD
Circulating Supply = 7,151,552 GIC
Total Supply = 7,151,556 GIC
All Time High = $0.745804 USD (Aug 09, 2018)
All Time Low = $0.007375 USD (Dec 21, 2019)

Coin Metrics →
Premine : 200,000 GIC
Maturity : 200 Blocks
Block Time : 120 Seconds
Max Supply : Infinite
Difficulty Retarget : Every Block

Masternode And Staking Reward Distribution →
Please note that the current total reward for masternodes and supernodes is 8 GIC coins, 1.6 GIC for masternodes and 6.4 GIC for supernodes.

Current Daily Coin Emission = 7,200
Recommended Coins For Staking = 1000
Coins Required For Masternode = 5,000
Coins Required For Supernode = 20,000
Total number of Masternodes = 162
Total number of Supernodes = 127

Masternode And Staking ROI →

Masternode Cost = 2000 GIC (37.7443 $)
Masternode Daily Income = 6.9937 GIC (0.0527 $)
Masternode Monthly Income = 209.8113 GIC (1.5825 $)
Masternode Yearly Income = 2,552.7044 GIC (19.2536 $)
Masternode ROI = 51.05% (715 Days)

Supernode Cost = 5000 GIC (150.9770 $)
Supernode Daily Income = 35.0236 GIC (0.2642 $)
Supernode Monthly Income = 1,050.7087 GIC (7.9249 $)
Supernode Yearly Income = 12,783.6220 GIC (96.4197 $)
Supernode ROI = 63.92% (571 days)

Staking ROI = Staking 1500 coins yields around 2.5 GIC coins daily. This gives an ROI of 600 days.

USPs Of Giant →
Use of JavaScript language for smart contracts and dapps
Burning fees mechanism to counteract inflation raise asset value
Governance model
Masternodes required for voting rights and smart contracts deployment
Advanced platforms like Giant.exchange, Giant.bet and Giant.coldstake

The Team → Giant team includes 13 people out of which there are 3 founders and 10 other are specialists in their fields who take care of different tasks. All of the team members can be found on discord.

Mikhail Maximov (Founder And CEO) —
Discord ID : Giant_admin_en#5252

Responsible for Strategic partnerships, Public relations, Content review, Marketing analytics , etc.

Dmitry Filinberg (Founder And CTO) —
Discord ID : Dmitry_Core_Dev#5664

He is in charge of Products development Smart contracts, Network security, Code review, Web resources administration.

Pavel Bulatov (Founder And CMO) —
Discord ID : Giant_admin_rus#5008

Takes care of Branding & Design, Strategic partnerships, Recruiting, Listings.

Please refer to this link for complete info on team members https://giantpay.network/team

Important Links →
Website: https://giantpay.network/
Explorer: https://explorer.giantpay.network/
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/7NRqsAN
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5046673.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/giant_coin
Telegram: https://t.me/GiantCoin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GiantCoin
Medium: https://medium.com/@GiantProject
Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/giant-coin/

Conclusion →
From a clean website design to an experienced team building useful and advanced blockchain products it looks like GIC has got what it takes to become a successful project. Current GIC price and marketcap is also low and the launch of giant.exchange and giant.bet could easily give the price a nice boost.