Welcome to another weekly update. This week it's not that big, but we still got some interesting news for you! Let's inform you about our developments of this week.

Summary of this update

  • "Carnaval"
  • StakeCubeCoin update
  • New app functionality
  • Beta test announcement
  • Masternode.buzz "Best Masternode Hosting Provider" awards


This week, in the southern of The Netherlands, we had a event called "Carnaval". We attended there and it was a very fun event, and also the reason we were a bit absent in the beginning of this week. Want to know more about this Dutch festivity? There is a Wikipedia page about it

StakeCubeCoin update

This week the Stakecube platform got hacked, and they have announced a rollback of their blockchain. We have updated the wallet and this could mean you can miss rewards and coins. Please relay those questions of reimbursement directly to the StakeCube team.

New app functionality

We are working hard on Flits 4, and this week I want to reveal another new functionality to all of you. In the new app we will also introduce gift cards.

You will be able to use your earned masternode and cold staking rewards to buy gift cards of brands like Netflix, Spotify, Xbox Live and Amazon (and many more).
We have found a partner providing these cards directly after your purchase, making this a very cool new feature for Flits.

Next week we will have more screenshots of the new app.

Beta test

Soon we start with opening the beta testing for Flits 4. You will be able to signup and then we will add you to the beta program of the App Store of your mobile platform. The signup form will be available with the next update.

It was a short one this week, next time we will have a bigger one again. We also have coin listings coming up this week and we start working on the new app again.

Masternode.buzz "Best Masternode Hosting Provider" awards

We feel Flits is the most innovative and safest platform out there, do you feel the same? Please vote for us at the Masternode.buzz "Best Masternode Hosting Provider" awards. You find the link to the form here: https://t.co/Vk3GWusLhc

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