Currently we are working very hard on the new app and we are getting more and more excited about showing it to you. In the next update we can show you more screenshots of the awesome new version. For this week we have a more general update.

Summary of this week

  • Crex online again for Klimatas
  • New Listings
  • Supreme court in India lifts ban on cryptocurrencies
  • Articles on Flits Daily

Crex online again for Klimatas

Finally after a couple of weeks users have access to their funds again after Crex24 has updated the Klimatas (KTS) wallet. It is unclear on what basis Crex24 took so long and why they were not able to provide us with a clear explanation. Also contact with the exchange has been very difficult but we are going to reach out to them to get more clarity about the vague communication we had.

Also we have reached out to them to clear somethings up for the upcoming FLITS update, so that we can prevent the same problems from occurring again. We hope that Crex24 can provide some clarity about the situation and we will keep our community up to date regarding these developments.

New listings

This week we would like welcome Bulwark (BWK) and Bitcoin Token (BTCT) to he Flits ecosystem. Also we have two articles available on Flits Daily about these projects providing all the important information about the projects. Upcoming week we are looking forward to add Giant (GIC), Vice Network (VIC) and Aezora (AZR) to Flits.

Supreme court lifts ban on cryptocurrencies in India

The supreme court in India has ruled against the ban on Crypto currencies in the country, after this was implemented by the national bank two years ago. Meaning that crypto currencies are again allowed in the country. This provides great opportunities for crypto businesses as well as for Flits. Currently we are already looking for interesting partnerships and the possibility to get listed at WazirX to reach this new target audience.

Flits Daily

We would like to thank everyone who has reached out to us and are interested in helping Flits. After we published the job offers on Discord we got a lot of response from people who want to help us. Because of the amount of applications we want to thank the community for their commitment to the project.

Also we started on the first articles mostly focussing on the projects listed at Flits. Please make sure to check Flits Daily the upcomming weeks to see what is new and read about the projects on Flits.

Note: Everyone who reached out to us has been put in our system. Meaning we will reach out to you if your input is needed.

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