Hello everyone! Welcome to our third weekly update. We got a lot of great response from our previous update and this gives us energy to continue. We present you the weekly update of week 8, 2020

Summary of this update

• Birake
• App development
• Internships
• New listings


We are happy to announce we now are officially listed on Birake! We are very thankful for our investors who made it possible for Flits to get on this new exchange. Especially our U.S. investors will benefit from this listing while Crex is not available for them. So at the moment Flits is currently listed on Crex, Birake, AEX, Oodlebit and Altmarkets.


As everyone may have noticed the last months our relation with AEX was not as optimal as we had hoped for and that resulted in the blocking of Flits on their platform. Thanks to one of our investors our relation with AEX have been restored and everyone is able again to trade Flits. We are proud of our community and really appreciate the ‘ hands-on’ mentality of our users, without this Flits would be a whole different project. Together we create the Flits ecosystem and make sure everyone will know Flits in the future.

App development

We are still working hard on the new app update and it's getting better and better every day.

The new wallet screen is now almost finished and the tests with cold staking are started and look great so far. Next week we will open beta signup forms for people the test the new app before we launch it to the public.


Because we are registered as company here in the Netherlands we are able to provide internships for Dutch students. This is a great way of expending the Flits team with new and talented developers who can help to grow Flits. Last time we checked there weren’t any ‘ blockchain related / crypto’, internships in the Netherlands so hopefully this creates some audience.

New listings

This week we would like to welcome Dogecash and Sapphire on Flits. These two projects have a great community and we would like to thank the teams for listing with us. After some questions regarding the possible listing of these projects we have successfully integrated them in our ecosystem. We would like to thank our investors and users for their feedback and support.This week it is a national holiday here in the Netherlands, this means we will be available ofcourse but it may take a bit more time for us to react and check everything. See you next week!

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