Happy valentine everyone! Welcome to our second weekly update. We got a lot of great response from our previous update and this gives us energy to continue. We present you the weekly update of week 7, 2020.

Summary of this update

  • Blockworks B.V.
  • App development
  • Flits community tab
  • New listings
  • Job offerings

Blockworks B.V.

We are proud to announce that Flits is officialy registered as a Dutch Private Limited Company (Ltd.). Our company name is “Blockworks” and will include all blockchain related activities. Yesterday we have signed at the notary and today the company is being registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

App development

Just like last week, this week occupation was mostly building the new app and improving the new functions coming with the new version. We are very excited about the way the app is coming together and hope we can release beta testing as soon as possible. We are certain this new version of the app is going to take Flits to a whole new level! Not only because of the design, but also the new functions and the whole ecosystem we are going to build around it.

Flits community tab

The new app will also introduce the Flits community tab, this new function will make it possible for users to share opinions, give advice and help each other out. The reason behind this new function is that we want to concentrate the flits ecosystem within the app. Our current channels such as Discord, Telegram, Twitter etc. Will be integrated in the app so everyone can join these channels to get a full perspective of the Flits network. Our goal is to bring our community together in the app with the new Flits-community-tab. Also FAQ's and guides on every app function will be found there and a way to use the Flits Talk forum.

New listings

This week we would like to welcome PictureEx. Good to see a new project listed on the Flits app. Upcoming for this weekend is Sapphire and we are working hard on reaching more projects to list on the app. If you have any recommendations or suggestions please share them with us!

Job offerings

Because Flits is growing rapidly and expanding everyday we are going to introduce a channel in our Discord where we post job offerings and assignments. Everyone is able to apply for these assignments and we will do a short job interview to make sure we get the right people for the right job. This way we hope to find motivated and professional people who can help us with translation, design, marketing and more.

The next weekly update will follow at Friday the 21th.

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