From now on we will start with weekly updates for Flits. In these weekly updates we share our progress and development of Flits and provide you with insights and our planning.

Summary of this update

  • New app version in development
  • Buy/sell inside Flits
  • App translations
  • Governance proposal Q1
  • Business model revision
  • New coin listings
  • Turkish community
  • Birake exchange listing

New app version in development

This week we have started with the development of the new version of the Flits app. We are completely rebuilding the design and building the app to be bigger than just a masternode app: we want to support all kinds of coins and be the leading mobile passive income app by also introducing DPoS and Cold Staking coins. Flits will be a complete DeFi (Decentralized Finance) product. We are currently integrating PIVX to cold staking and testing with the Tezos DPoS system. Before the launch of the new Flits app we will invite beta testers to test the app. A form will be released for that soon.

New features include more visuals, reports, 24/7 support coverage, more convenient and appealing design, coin discover/research features, cold staking/DPoS, web and tablet version, new payment methods, buy/sell and a lot more features. More detailed info soon.

Buy/sell inside Flits

We are currently working on integrating (instant) buy/sell features inside the app. Coin developers will have the possibility to supply coins to sell, where they will earn a percentage of all sales, and the rest of the earnings will be used for the sell feature, so you can also sell earned rewards.

This is not mandatory though, the system will work with exchanges in the background as failover so you can still buy and sell coins without coins supplied by development teams.

More detailed information will follow soon.

App translations

Next on our planning is adding more languages to Flits. We plan to start with French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, German and Turkish. Soon we start sourcing people who can help us with the job.

Governance proposal

Last Monday we have posted our governance proposal at It already has 235 votes and we really appreciate the support for our proposal. With governance we can use the power of our blockchain to fund the team for marketing and salary purposes. Every quarter we will release a new proposal fit to the expected needs.

New organizational structure

With Dave leaving the Flits team we have decided to change our business structure and that means we will now independently register Flits as a company. The Klimatas holdings will be discontinued and we will register new companies for Klimatas and Flits without Dave as a shareholder. More will come in the next weeks when we will have documents available. We also started looking into ways to provide internships for young, innovative and bright students who can help Flits grow.

New coin listings

This week we would like to welcome Eska, 1X2 Coin, Rapids and SafeCapital to Flits. All welcome additions and some nodes have been started for them already. The announcements for SafeCapital will still have to follow but they will come shortly.

In the next week we also have some new listings coming up, so stay tuned.

Turkish community

Following our French and Russian communities, we now also have a Turkish Telegram community. If Turkish is your native tongue you can join the group through this link:

Birake exchange listing

We also got some unexpected but welcome news. We won the voting for the Birake exchange listing. We want to thank the Birake team for the listing and they told us the listing should come up next week. We will keep you posted about this.

The future is bright and promising. We have some more really exciting announcements coming up, but I will keep you waiting for those just a bit longer.

The next weekly update will follow at Friday the 14th. See you at Valentines day!