We believe it important to keep the Flits community informed on all the work that is being done behind the curtains. So here is our weekly update.

This week we put a lot of focus on improving our in-app support functionality and finding new partnerships.

We want to provide the best user experience to all our customers. To achieve that we have hired 2 new employees in our support squad. We are also building an all-new support portal for the squad so that they can provide better assistance to our customers.

Also, Nicolas (Raven) joined us in our office this week to help out with tech support. A lot of you guys must know him because he has been working with Flits since its inception.

We have also been busy finding new partnerships for Flits. We do diligent research before partnering up with another team. Strong partnerships can help Flits in various aspects like acquiring new customers and integrating new app features as well as improving existing features.

That’s all for this weekly update, a lot of good things are cooking in the back end like app updates, new partnerships, and if you guys remember, the debit cards will be out soon so stay tuned.

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