Hello everyone! Welcome to our weekly update. We got a lot of great response from our previous update and this gives us energy to continue. We present you the weekly update of week 11, 2020.

Summary of this update

  • COVID-19 update
  • New listings
  • New Exchange
  • Aex

COVID-19 update

We would like to start this weekly update with a small statement regarding the Corona virus outbreak. As most of you already know the situation here in the Netherlands has worsen last week. The Dutch government has implied some guideline to prevent the spread of the virus. Meaning company’s close down and people have to work from home, but also public places are getting closed down for the time being (until 6 April). Because we live in the most affected part of the Netherlands there will probably follow more measure. Currently it affects us a bit regarding our Flits 4 release. We notice people are less active, which is a logical result of the virus outbreak where people lookout for each other. Currently we work from our homes aswel and this makes direct communication in the team sometimes a bit harder.

Please note some delay in support as the capacity is a bit more limited as result of the extra work caused by the measures we have to take for dealing with the virus.

New listings

This week we have added a lot of new coins, so we would like to welcome GIANT (GIC), Encocoinplus (EPG), Aezora (AZR) and Vice Network (VIC). We are very happy with these additions to the Flits ecosystem en would like to let everyone know that there will be articles available about these projects. Do not hesitate and check them out on the Flits Daily page. Also we are very happy with all the community input, that helps us find and adding the coins our users are anticipating.

New exchange

Last weeks there have been some difficulties with Crex and it is not yet clear what exactly is going on. There have been rumors about a hack but this has not yet been confirmed by the Crex official channels, so Flits is not yet ready to take any measurements. We want to wait until we have a better understanding of the situations. Nevertheless we are searching for a new exchange we can depend on in the future. Currently we are listen with 5 different exchanges but all are having their own disadvantages and that is why we want to get listed at bigger and more known exchange. Our preference would be Probit, because this party has a good reputations and can really boost Flits volume and also has the potency to get new investors to Flits. We are not sure about this decision yet but we would like to give everyone a better understanding of the whole situation. We will keep everyone updated in the upcoming weeks.


A few weeks ago we made announcement about the situation with AEX where we told that trading at AEX was possible again. Unfortunately it is not possible to make any deposits at AEX at the moment. Last week we have been in contact with AEX for two days and they where not able to provide us with a clear answer only that they see Flits as a ‘ risky’ investment. Because of that it is not possible to deposit Flits. We did not get any insights about the situation and what we could do to resolve it. For now we are still registered at AEX but we are not sure about the whole situation. Next week we will have more contact with them to see how we can figure this out.

See you next week!

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