It is time for another Flits weekly update and we could not be any happier with the progress we have made recently. Flits V4 was successfully launched and we have received a lot of positive feedback from our loyal customers. As a result, price of Fls went over 20k Sats in the past few days and is currently being traded at around 17–18k Sats. It has been an amazing week for Flits to say the least. Here are some of the things that have happened.

Again At The Top
Flits has yet again made it to the top list of masternode coins on for the third time in a row. Flits has been number 1 on the list several times already and can regularly be found in the top 10.

Overwhelming response for in App SWAP Feature
It seems that people are loving the new in-app swap feature and it has received much higher volume than we originally expected. Swap had a volume of 5.4 BTC in the first week alone. We have also added Sinovate (SIN) to the swap feature now. You can now swap FLS, KTS, and SIN for BTC and vice-versa. More coins will be added in the coming days. More coins will be added in the coming days.

PWRB Pre Sale
Flits is the proud hoster of pre-sale for Powerbalt (PWRB) coins. PWRB is a decentralized lottery investment platform that provides better winning odds and bigger prizes than conventional lottery providers. You can read more about it here.

Over 3000 Masternodes Hosted on Flits
We reached yet another milestone on 16th June 2020 when the total number of hosted masternodes on the Flits platform reached 3000. Currently 3177 masternodes are running on Flits and the cumulative amount of funds held in wallets surpasses 264 BTC.

More Coins And Countries Added For Gift Cards
We have increased the number of coins that you can use to buy gift cards from inside the app. Now this list includes 12 coins which are FLS, BTC DIVI, DOGE KTS, LTC, NBX, PIVX, SIN, SCC, TELOS, and XZC. We have also added new countries to the list and now you can buy gift cards for Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, and United States. This list will keep growing in the coming days.

Cold Staking
Do not have enough coins for a masternode ? Worry not as you now cold stake your coins Flits platform and earn rewards. Currently, Flits supports cold staking for 5 coins, KTS, PNY, PIVX, DOGEC, and PWRB. More coins will keep getting added regularly.

All-New Website
Flits website now has a new web address and a completely new look with a lot of new information, check it out at

The Journey Continues
This is only the beginning and there are a lot more features coming to Flits like Flits Web, Flits Discover, and Flits Debit Card.

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