What a great time we are having! The price of Flits is shooting through the roof because all of our loyal investors. As a team this gives us a extreme boost of confidence, and we want to give a shoutout to all our great investors! Let's get you updated with this last weekly update before we release Flits 4!

The past few weeks we have been sharing screenshots and gif's with you regarding our new app version. We are getting so close now and we can't wait until we can release Flits 4 to all of you!

Let's a dive a bit deeper into our new features - but first, get your calendar ready, and save the date:

Blockworks Live Event

Monday June 1st, we will have a livestream regarding Flits and Klimatas. We will be announcing all the new things, demo's of the new app and some yet to be announced top-secret stuff 😎

Make sure to tune in at YouTube next Monday at 20:00 GMT+2 time via this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GasnEtMgrcU

Also, post all your questions in our Discord channel, or send them in through info@flitsnode.app, as the livestream contains a AMA (Ask me anything) session aswel.

Alright, let's go - let's walk through the features quickly

A new future proof design

After lot's of drawing, designing, meetings (and frustration) - we got a great new design capable of containing all our ideas and future functionality. It has a top notch light and dark mode.

Cold Staking

Currently the app is mostly focussed on masternode hosting. With more and more staking coming up we had to adapt to this. That's why we are working on integrating coins with Cold Staking and Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS).

With Cold Staking you will always remain the owner of the coins, while our servers stake them for you. Coins can't be stolen and you remain in control, like crypto should be.

Web version

The idea started with a mobile app. People love to use it because it's sleek and super easy. We are, however, not always at our phones. There are times you. want to use your computer and also want easy access to your coins. Flits got you covered. We have added a web version to our app!

Swap and giftcards

To make passive income even more fun we are adding two new killer features to our app - swap and giftcards. Convert your hard earned crypto to BTC, or another crypto to start a new masternode!

If you rather spend all your money, no worries, with the new giftcard feature you can buy everything you want, from Netflix to Amazon, Xbox Live to Nintendo eShopping cards.

More coins

Why just hold masternode or staking coins into your wallet? We have now also added Ethereum and Dogecoin wallets to begin with, but lots more will be added in the next weeks! Flits will be replacing all the mobile wallets you are using at the moment: one to rule them all.

New helpdesk feature

We will make it more easy to help you out with all your questions. The new help center will contain tons of questions and answers we have collected over the past year. If all our prewritten content still can't help you, we still have you covered, and will assist you personally like you used to.


Gutemorgen, всем привет, Hallå där, 嗨您好

To reach a even bigger audience, we are currently having our app translated to multiple languages. We hope to release the first ones already in June.

New fee system

I know, you don't like fees, but we have to discuss it - I promise i'll make it worth your while.

Flits Pro

Wow, Pro, that must be awesome?

Yes it is! Are you tired of paying fees for all your running nodes? We have just the solution for you. In version 4 you can choose to lock 1 FLS masternode to pay for all your fees. It will also provide you with discounts on gift cards and the swap feature. No more fee reminders or forgetting to top up!

Fee credits

Currently we use Euro to pay for the fees inside the app. This is for some people not using Euros sometimes hard to understand. That's why we are making it all a bit easier from version 4 on.

Instead of paying € 1,99 a month, the new price will be $0.10 a day. That's it. To show your remaining days in the app we use credits. 1 credit = 1 day of hosting. You can easily top up your fees with..

...all new available payment methods

Starting from the next version, fee top up's are of course possible with Flits and Bitcoin, but we have added some other payment methods aswel.

We have added Creditcard and PayPal, but also more local focussed ones like iDEAL, Sofort banking, Bancontact and many more.

With Creditcard and PayPal you can even setup automatic payment. Bye bye manual fee payments!

What more happened this week?

We are one of the most promising masternode projects of this year.

For the third time in a row, we are one of the best performing masternodes! 👏

Delisting from AEX

Sadly this week we had to request the delisting with AEX. They are letting our worthy investors in doubt by not helping them out. We can't tolerate this longer and requested delisting. We'll keep you informed.

10,000 sats!

Another great achievement this week! We have hit the 10 thousand satoshi mark. We couldn't have reached this without the support of you.


This was a long one! But we had a lot to tell you.

One final reminder: Monday June 1st, 20:00 GMT +2 time, our launch livestream!

Make sure to join, you haven't heard everything yet ;)

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