One may be forgiven for seeing this past week as ‘tumultuous’ in the crypto space. With so much uncertainty in the world around us - wrapped in a blanket of increased interest in crypto assets, we were undoubtedly poised to see some choppy waters. Though this inspired the Flits team ever more, our ambition for change – may have added a little bit more of a ‘breezy’ condition to the mix. But as pioneering explorers, we recognise that wind is of course needed for our sails! So come aboard me matey.. this weekly update, has a whole new adventure in store for ya ;)..


It’s time to let our community in on a HUGE SECRET!! Something BIG is happening at Flits HQ!!

  • A NEW use case for FLS!?
  • A EXCITING NEW OFFERING right around the corner!?
  • An “OLD SCHOOL” Twist – involving some of the LATEST TECH!!!?
  • YES! - POW MINING is about to make its debut within the Flits      app! And much sooner than you may anticipate..
  • Flits has partnered with MeaTec to offer a unique cloud mining      service – all within the palm of your hand.
  • You heard that right! In fact, we have been hard at work      preparing for this ‘top secret’ launch for quite some time now.

Life’s just more fun with surprizes. And the Flits Team has many more planned for the future!

New Languages – Possibilities Being Investigated

As we continue in our effort to streamline communication, we have been investigating the possibility of translating the Flits app into multiple different languages.. We have taken a stance, that more needs to be done to make our foreign customers feel even more welcome and inclusive of our family.

We recognize of course, that we ourselves have much to learn – with regards to the intricacies of the many different cultures making use of our product. Our hope is that by being more pro-active in terms of bringing everyone under one direct umbrella, our vast community will be strengthened even more as a result.

This is potentially MASSIVE for Flits, for it allows the possibility of expanding our reach globally – as a true contender in the race for crypto supremacy! Just some of the languages that we are looking at are: Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian & of course Turkish..

Giftcards - Update

The API maintenance was completed successfully – resulting in the availability of giftcards in app once more. With it’s growing popularity, we can certainly fathom how an improvement in stability, would be a most welcomed relief to many.

Our exciting new range of giftcards is still on its way. We are just waiting on our partner to conclude the labour intensive integrations their end, and we’ll surely do our bit in a flits!

New Listings – Modern Investment Coin (MODIC) & Ultra Clear (UCR)

Another week, another duo of new coins making their debut within the Flits app. Both supporting the ‘general hodl’ and running of masternodes.

FREE Cold Staking – Reminder

General reminder that the FREE Cold Staking Promotion has been extended – throughout November! This is therefore potentially a great opportunity to give cold staking a try. What are you waiting for? ;)..

Internal Explorers – Enhancing Stability & Performance

As we continually strive towards achieving DOMINANCE in the mobile crypto space, we of course realize the importance of every element of our product, being robust. We have therefore taken the decision to rather utilize our own internal explorers for coins listed on the Flits app. Our initial testing conducted by our technical team, has shown vast improvements in stability, balance handling and notifications as a result. It is our intention to have all coins switched over to the new explorers - as soon as possible.

These will of course, be open for anyone to make use of. We are pretty sure that our customers will find the sleek user friendly design – a welcome relief to what they may already be accustomed to.

BIG APP UPDATE – Around the Corner!

  • Eye catching changes to the “Home Screen”
  • The “Discover” tab tweaked
  • Improvements to current notifications (users will now be able      to receive deposit and masternode reward pushes)
  • ETH Token – roll-out
  • And of course.. POW Mining

Til next time,


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