It takes time to prepare a good casserole.. We may have been a little quieter than usual, but our team of chefs have indeed been cooking up a storm. I guess ‘less said’ most certainly can mean ‘more delivered’.. or in this case, more cooked. So grab yourself a dinner plate, and it’s time for some tasty titbits.

Current Milestones

Since our last ‘show and tell’, we have managed to garner around 2k new users!! That brings the tally to over 34.5k now. We’ve also managed to see significant growth in terms of masternode hosting, with around 500 new nodes hosted! The total now stands at well over 6400 nodes! If we had to combine the estimated value of all Flits app wallets, we would come out somewhere in the region of 290 BTC.. or almost $16 million! Wowzer!

USA Gift Card Range – No Small Feat

Since the teams last Flits update, there was a major revamp on the giftcard range for the USA. This follows from the previously expanded Canadian and UK ranges.

Available in fixed values, the USA selection of gift cards now consists of, Adidas USA, Amazon USA, American Eagle, Barnes & Noble, Bass Pro Shop, Bath & Body Works, Bed Bath & Beyond Inc., Black 011 USA, Cabela's, Chipotle, Delta Airlines, DollarPhone ILD USA, Dominos, Dunkin', Donuts, eBay, Google Play US, Groupon USA, Guitar Center,, iTunes, Kohl's, Lands' End, Lowe's, Nike USA, Nintendo US, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Petco, Playstation Network US, Pure Minutes USA, Razer Gold USA, Rayban, Skype, Sin USA, Spotify US, Staples, Steam, Ulta, Xbox US, Xfinity Prepaid Internet USA, Xfinity Prepaid TV English USA & Xfinity Prepaid TV Latino USA.

We are elated with the overall reception the gift card feature has received, and plan to continually improve thereupon. We hope to also add the following for the UK in the near future: H&M, Innkeeper's Lodge, Nicholson's & Primark.

If you haven't already checked out the feature, then what are you waiting for? Window shopping is just plain fun :)..

NEM Collaboration – Wallet Recognised for Safe Token Storage

In our last update, we looked back on the thrilling news delivered to you – our loyal community, with regards to the collaboration with NEM. We highlighted the fact that two of their projects were recently listed within the Flits app:

  • DAO Maker: The governance token of the DAO Maker Ecosystem (built on Ethereum), allows holders to participate in the same. It aims to create a decentralized ecosystem, enabling a go-to platform for retail venture investing in equity and tokens.
  • stXEM: The wrapped ERC-20 version of XEM token. While remaining a potentially ‘liquid’ asset for holders, staking rewards of the supernode are earned.

We still anticipate that this collaboration will lead to the Flits app potentially reaching a far wider audience. This as Flits will be listed on the projects websites (and that of NEM) – endorsed as a trusted wallet and hosting provider. In fact, we have already seen our little name in lights on the nem_community instagram page, where flits is seen as a wallet for safe token storage!

As our relationship continues to strengthen, we can only see positive things happening as a result.

Customer Support – Aligning For Growth

We mentioned last time round that the team was currently hard at work, in an effort to align our customer support setup for anticipated growth in the crypto space. We continue to make big strides, while at the same recognising that there is still significant room for improvement. We wish to thank all of our users who have shown patience, while we go through some of our ‘teething’ pains – not all of which may be clearly understood. Slow n steady, we are indeed getting nearer to a more robust foundation, upon which we can potentially scale up far more effectively.

As the team itself grows and evolves, you may start noticing some new avatars appearing in the community channels as well. LukeL (Discord ID: 771102816130826303) is one such face working very hard behind the scenes - with the rest of the Flits team ;)..

Spotlight on Wallet Connect Feature

As touched upon last time round, version 4.4 of the Flits app incorporated the much anticipated WalletConnect feature. Flits app users can connect to decentralized applications. This is seen as a potentially safer choice as compared to browser extension wallets. In a nutshell, certain web applications can be connected by scanning a QR code, with the built in QR code scanner within the Flits app.

A great use case of this feature would be, for example.. drumroll.. Uniswap! When connecting your wallet, simply choose the option “WalletConnect”, and then scan the QR code (using the feature located in the Quick Launch menu).

Note: Be sure that the Flits app already has an Ethereum wallet & of course the wallet of the eth tokens you would like to swap to/from. Always practice your own due diligence.

OVH Datacenter Fire

The last little while has not been without any drama – truth be told, but it’s how the Flits team musters an action plan, that’s just as important to know.

Recently our users were shocked to see some dramatic scenes of a major fire breaking out at the OVH server provider for Flits (Strasbourg SBG site). As a result, there were some unexpected technical issues, resulting in one of our masternode servers going offline.

Although OVH promptly activated their own Disaster Recovery Plan, the Flits team immediately worked towards relocating the affected nodes to new servers, as soon as users were able to re-deploy them from there end. We are happy to report that this approach led to minimal downtime, and the least overall inconvenience experienced, for the holders of the approximately 137 affected nodes.

Strategically speaking, Flits has chosen to spread the  server locations (geographically), so as to mitigate risk (UK, US, Canada, Germany, Poland, France & the Netherlands).

Finally, we were elated by the concern demonstrated by our community – for those at the OVH facility. We are happy to report that Flits were promptly informed via email, stating no one got injured.

All Beta Testers

A big announcement recently went out to the community, quite possibly creating some thrilling tremors in the process.

Flits continues to grow day by day, and the need is greater than ever for each potential update to first be put through rigorous testing by our most adventurous and loyal community members. The importance of beta testing new updates cannot be understated.

Though mandatory releases (such as bug fixes) will continue to be pushed out as soon as possible, Flits is looking to take a more proactive approach in preventing any from getting out to the masses in the first place. Yes, the Beta Program is intended to be activated for all products like the app, web, tablet and watch version, all in development.

The upcoming beta is looking for eager users to test the upcoming Flits Web update. With a enhanced interface, it is intended that users will be able to access their wallets, send crypto, deploy nodes, purchase from the wide range of gift cards, make use of the swap feature, obtain reporting and whilst practising their own due diligence, deep dive into some cool research functionality! The Dev team consider this to be a VERY BIG UPDATE indeed ;)..

For those interested, the sign up page can be located at:

Once complete, data will be registered in the Flits beta system in the app stores, and also in the beta mailing list.

Note: Users should indicate their beta testing preferences accordingly. Those involved will better position themselves into gaining more insight into some of the ‘behind the scenes’ ongoing progress.  

AMA - ‘Ask Me Anything’

Gentle reminder to all our users that the #ama Discord channel is there for your convenience, so that your burning unanswered questions can receive some priority attention. Thanks to those who have interacted on the channel already, and even answer the questions of others real-time.

With so much on the go at Flits right now, we’re so grateful to have everyone along for the ride.

Keep safe and be sure to care for your loved ones.

Team Flits

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