With crypto more mainstream with each passing second, Bitcoin on a tear, Etherium on a rocket ship, and altcoins seemingly all the rage.. it can be difficult to decide which coins to choose. For those new to the wonderland of crypto.. terminology alone can be baffling to grasp – and frightening when the ‘old kids on the block’ start talking about Defi, Staking, NFT’s, Cex’s & Dex’s, Aggregators, Masternodes and like..

But let’s be frank.. this is one of the coolest playgrounds around! And we’re kinda like the first kids to be trying out the jungle jim, see-saw, slide and swings! Sure.. some of us get a few scrapes along the way. A few end up in a cast.. and some seem to be unscathed.. Whichever spectrum you may fall in.. be sure to take some time to think about our mates who had their ‘lunch money’ stolen, by ‘em scammers. #not_cool

The Flits app is kinda like the bag of marbles you could bring to ‘show and tell’ – being careful not to brag of course ;).. but isn't it cool!? I mean think about. A way to take your crypto (our marbles), wherever you go. Your coins.. your keys. Sometimes we “keepsies” or choose to “quitsies”. I like this game a lot!

New Milestones

We have now surpassed 32 000 users, 5900 masternodes and have 115 marbles coins listed. The total wallet value of our users is estimated at a staggering 254 BTC! Put that in dollar terms and you get a figure of somewhere in the region of 13 mil! Yes, $13 000 000! Wow.

Recent Collaboration with NEM

Many of our users may have already seen the recent announcements, regarding our collaboration with NEM. In case you may have missed them..

NEM have a project (XEM) ranked as number #23 by market cap. This effectively demonstrates that they are well within the spotlight.

During the month of February, two of their coins were listed within the Flits app:

  • DAO Maker: The governance token of the DAO Maker Ecosystem (built on Ethereum), allows holders to participate in the same. It aims to create a decentralized ecosystem, enabling a go-to platform for retail venture investing in equity and tokens.
  • stXEM: The wrapped ERC-20 version of XEM token. While remaining a potentially ‘liquid’ asset for holders, staking rewards of the supernode are earned.

What the above translates into, is the fact that Flits will be listed on the projects websites (and that of NEM) as a “trusted wallet provider”. We see this as an awesome opportunity for the little gem called the Flits app, being able to potentially reach a far wider audience.

Canada’s Turn – Explosive Giftcard Range

We recently saw a thrilling new range of giftcards land for Canada! This of course follows on from the huge selection launched a while back for the UK. With the ever growing popularity of the giftcard feature, it was only ever a matter of time for more choice to ‘hit the shelves’, so to speak. As the overall range constantly updates, the plan is to potentially improve further in terms of a wider variety, for other regions around the world. I wonder who could be next!? Hmmm..

Looking at what’s now on offer for our Canadian users, we do hope that those living in the land of the maple tree are indeed pleased.

Available in fixed values, the Canada range of giftcards now consists of Steam, Amazon.ca, Aredene, Bier Markt, Cabelas CA, Canyon Creek, Children's Music Shop, Childrens Place, Darcy Mcgees, Dukes Refresher & Bar, Elephant & Castle, Esso, Fion Maccools, Global Hotel Card, Harveys, IMVU, Jack Astors Bar & Grill, Karma Koin, Kelseys, Kobo, Landing Restaurant Group, Loose Moose, Milestones, Montanas, New York Fries, Nintendo eShop, Original Joes, Paddy Flahertys, Pickle Barrel, PlayStation, Red Wine Tavern, Scaddabush, Sir Corp, State & Main, Swiss Chalet, Tir Nan OG, Touchnote, TQ, Ultimate Dining Card, Windows & Xbox!!

Free Cold Staking Promo – You Guessed It ;)

Although all good things appear to come to an end, the Flits team have certainly chosen to delay this one as long as possible. Once again, we are happy to inform our loyal community that cold staking within the Flits app will remain free for the month of March 2021!

That’s right.. no fees for making use of the staking feature. If you’re unsure which coins offer this possibility, simply head over to the “Discover” tab – where the info will be right at your fingertips.. or perhaps more likely your thumb..

Have you updated yet?

One of our most hyped about events, was the version 4.4 release of the Flits app. It brought with it some exciting new changes that simply were not present in version 4.3:

- New improved swap feature.. There are now more choices, with swaps aimed at always being concluded.

- Adjustable transaction fees for Bitcoin sends. Users now have the ability to choose between “Slow”, “Medium” & “Fast” sends. There is an estimate as to how long a given send may take too.

- Mining feature updated. Did you know that you can now purchase mining workers using BTC? Or receive payouts in FLS? (no minimum threshold for FLS either, with payouts released every Monday).

- A little known/understood feature in this app update, was the integration of the WalletConnect feature. This means users can now - for example, connect their Flits app to Uniswap! When connecting your wallet, simply choose the option “WalletConnect”, and scan the QR code (using the “Scan QR” function from the Quick Launch menu in the Flits app).
Note: With great power comes great responsibility. Be sure that the Flits app has the wallet of the coin you would like to swap to added already. Always practice your own due diligence.

- The above and more are waiting to be discovered by those who haven’t updated yet. So if you haven’t already.. then what are you waiting for? Why not head over to Google Play or the App Store as soon as possible!?..

Customer Support – Aligning For Growth

The Flits team acknowledges that world class customer support is one of the most critical elements of a successful brand. It is with this very view, that the team is currently working hard behind the scenes once again, in an effort to better position ourselves, for the expected growth in this exciting space.

We wish to thank our loyal community for their patience too, as we both discover and work through our ‘teething’ pains. We are growing so rapidly, and it has been a real challenge to try and keep up. Rest assured though, we are creating what we perceive to be a more robust solution.

AMA - ‘Ask Me Anything’

Thank you to our loyal community for sharing their burning questions on the #ama Discord channel alive..

  • [Cripto Crowd]

Q. “I think that all MN owners would like to get rewards on  fractions of MN; are you thinking to offer sooner or later a shared MN service or offer a cold staking service to all coins?”

A. Due to regulatory requirements, Flits as a company currently has no intention on offering shared services for Flits.

With regards to 'cold staking' services for other projects, we are constantly working towards introducing these within the Flits app.

  • [CryptoHack]

Q. “Will be TRX and tokens running on its bc added in a near future?”

A.  We have yet to explore the possibilities regarding TRX integration within the app. This is something we hope to explore in the future.

  • [profiler]

Q. “i case FLITS will stop mining for whatever reason in the future will we get back invested flits or will it be on our own risk - understood there will be a option to sell miners soon right?”

A.   All information regarding the performance of the mining operation (and the development regarding this), is available in the associated terms of service.

Regarding your question about the possibility to sell "workers".. this is indeed something we hope to offer in the future. We are currently exploring how best this could be made available. Right now we are looking into NFT's, and perhaps this is something which we may be able to combine with the Flits mining feature and some kind of marketplace.

While most of the world continues to eye out potential vaccines for Covid, we realize that it may be a long wait indeed. Like in the wild world of crypto, it is incredibly important to practice your own due diligence during these both exciting and troublesome times. Look after your loved ones.

Til next time.

Team Flits

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