It’s a ‘Go For Launch’.. Yes - the much anticipated BIG APP UPDATE should be available in Google Play as well as the App Store any moment now.. We know the wait must have been agonizing to say the very least, but we’re pretty sure you - our most community, will be thrilled by all the improvements..

Recap on the New Features

- New swap with improved liquidity and swap pairs. From initial tests conducted, swaps from alts to btc/eth/ltc took around 2-3 hours. The other way round – less than 30 minutes!

- Adjustable transaction fees (Bitcoin). Users will now be able to prioritize their sends. For example, those in a hurry could simply pay a slightly higher tx fee.

- Mining updates > Purchasing workers with btc & payouts in fls will now be possible. This should translate into a greater overall customer experience. Holders of btc can now waste no time in getting in on the mining action! As for payouts in fls.. well, these will be made weekly (typically Mondays) and with no set threshold in place! It means users can potentially receive their mining earnings far quicker than was previously possible!

- Start up guide for first time users. Frankly speaking.. life’s complicated enough.. so why not try to make it simpler for all those new users joining our happy community.

- Masternode setup screen should also be easier to understand, with detailed status updates. Just another little improvement, geared towards making everyone’s lives a teeny bit more informed.

- More options for push notifications. Though there’s nothing quite like being alerted to a masternode reward real-time.. we still felt that the awesome push notification feature had more to offer our community..

- Wallet connect to Defi applications. Quite possible one of the most exciting additions to look forward to.. potentially opening up a whole new world of possibility.

- Device logout options - such as via web or emergency contact number + additional password for ‘sending’ transactions. Security is always a top priority!

We’re an Evolving Brand

While we’re all twiddling our thumbs for ‘you know what’ to make it’s grand entrance.. it may indeed be a nice opportunity for us to also share some other riveting news.. It’s of course no secret, that the integration of Epay within the Flits app was undoubtedly a galactic hit! That being said..

Flits desires to not only be a leader in the world of secure mobile crypto storage, but also for our whole ecosystem, to evolve into a ‘champion’ within the arena as well. Remember.. victors typically aren’t born that way. They work hard towards their goals, using all tools available to them. This is an effort to grow stronger and more powerful, each and every moment. When opportunities arise, they seize them! Simple. There’s no point in limiting oneself..

So where’s all this heading you may ask? Well.. I guess we can let you all in on a little BIG secret. Flits has been holding some serious ‘Top Secret’ discussions with another party, in an effort to release a Flits branded ATM card in the very near future!! More details are intended to follow in due course, but suffice to say.. evolution is beautiful ;)..

Free Cold Staking – Month of Feb

This is just a general reminder that our cold staking promotion will still be valid throughout the month of February! Yes, still no fees to cold stake within the Flits app. Simply consult the Discover tab, to see for which coins this is possible. Remember to of course, always practice your own due diligence. Happy staking!

AMA - ‘Ask Me Anything’

Once again, thank you to our community for keeping our #ama Discord channel alive.. Let’s begin..

  • [Raistilin]

Q. “Has there been an external security review of the app which specifically looked at the key generation and storage and proof that the company has no access to it? If not when will this be available. If so where is the report for reference?”

A.  No, there has not. That being said.. regular audits are something which will likely be explored in the future. We also wish to emphasize, that we do NOT have any access to our users keys.

Q.“When will cold nodes where collateral is not needed in the app  be available? Best way to capture all of trtts customers is to have that option. Where they keep funds wherever and all you get is a collateral tx id”

A. We are pleased to say that we are currently working on this. Our aim is to release this possibility at the end of Q1 or the beginning of Q2.

  • [Cripto Crowd]

Q. “When mining rewards in stable coin? I think that this will reduce risk because difficulty follows price.”

A. For the time being, we will keep mining payouts in FLS, BTC & ETH. But we certainly do not rule out the possibility of expanding upon this in the future.

Whichever part of the world you may reside in, please try to stay safe. Look after your loved ones. We all know the times we are living in.. We do appreciate you - our loyal community. Thank you guys n gals.

Till next time.


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