After almost two months of Flits (FLS) being in presale, tomorrow, June 1st we will list on Crex24. It is the first exchange we have chosen for our project.

At first, we wanted to list at CryptoBridge. The issue we had with CryptoBridge was that they ask a lot of money for a exchange which have been less used since they had to introduce KYC (Know Your Customer).

Crex24 offers a fair price and the volume is really good there, so we have full confidence that our exchange listing will be a success πŸ˜€


Tonight the fees will be enabled on Flits. All users that have an account for over 30 days will get charged. The system will try to charge you in FLS first, if the money is not available there, it will charge you in the currency you are getting rewards for.

Make sure to get your account topped up with FLS, because then you only pay $1 a month πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ

Masternodes online

Tomorrow we will also list on After our Crex24 listing is live they will add us to their website. This will draw a lot of new investors to our app and our currency.

Flits currently has a ROI of 810% which means that you get 22 FLS a day, worth $46.

Download Flits at: (from your mobile phone)

This is also your last change to get the lifetime 50% off on fees in the Flits app, by getting a node in the presale.