Flits has received and approved the request from the Social Trader team to host their presale on our platform. Read our review about SCTR.


Crypto is a very volatile market. People step in all the time, and can lose quickly if they don't possess the knowledge to perform trades. Social Trader wants to step in and help people to learn from others. They are developing a platform where people get paid to share their trades, and people can follow each other to automatically follow trades.

About the Social Trader platform

Set for it's first release in the third quarter of this year, the platform will allow people to attach their exchange accounts to the platform. You can then check out the rankings to follow other traders that have joined the platform. You can for example choose to follow the trades of one of your friends for 10% of your budget.

A user who is being followed, will get paid for this. Imagine you are a good trader, you will be able to make some extra money by posting your trades on the Social Trader platform.


To help the funding of the development, marketing and testing the Social Trader team is holding a presale. They have three phases with a total of 50 nodes to be sold.

Phase 1
10 masternodes for 0.35 BTC each

Phase 2
20 masternodes for 0.45 BTC each

Phase 3
20 masternodes for 0.55 BTC each

Conclusion and review

Rewards Scheme

SCTR reward scheme is very interesting. We believe that this scheme is implemented with the aim of avoiding price inflation that often occurs in projects that have high ROI. With this reward scheme, it is expected that SCTR coin prices will remain stable and tend to increase in the future. With a stable price, you can invest safely and comfortably.

Ecosystem Review

Based on Social Trade whitepaper that we read, we have concluded that one of the purpose of SCTR project is to create a trading platform where if you have trading experience, other people can trade according to the trading signal you share (here we can named you as an influencer).

As an influencer, you can determine your own number of followers. You have full authority to:

  • Refuse or accept new followers.
  • Determine membership fees.

To keep users money management (influencer and follower) still good and safety, what percentage of the funds will be used for trading is provided. So that, users can trade safely and comfortably.

You as an influencer will get benefits for your activities. The benefits include subscriptions that will be paid by your followers. Benefits received by influencers will be obtained in the form of SCTR coins.

From this activity, there will be a mutually beneficial ecosystem between influencers and followers. And this ecosystem will also play a role in shaping the adoption and acceptance of SCTR coins.

Social Trader (SCTR) is now available for staking, masternode deployment and investment through Bitcoin.

Links and info

Website: https://www.socialtrader.online/
Whitepaper: https://www.socialtrader.online/sctr_wp.pdf
Discord: https://discord.gg/Ng7MVhv
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SCTRCoin
Presale link: https://presale.flitsnode.app/presale/SCTR or in your Flits app

Coin review By Flits Team

  1. To prevent our users, we have established a coin review team. Every coin will be checked before we allow it to be listed with us. For coins offering their presale with us, we will put extra checks on the project.
  2. Please be your concern. The reviews we submit above are not a suggestion to you to invest in Social Trade project. The reviews that we submit are limited to the information we get. Before you decide to invest in the project, it is better to do more in-depth research.