Bulwark has been listed on the Flits decentralized masternode hosting app so we would like to take this opportunity to shed some light on what Bulwark is and why investing in a Bulwark masternode could be a good investment for you.

About The project

Bulwark is a privacy based cryptocurrency that focuses on I2P/TOR security hardware development and cloud services. Bulwark was launched in December 2017 as a proof of work project with a little premine of 1.81% and no ICO. But some time later the project shifted from being POW to POS model with masternodes helping secure the network.

What Bulwark offers

Secure Home Node — This little device designed by the bulwark team helps you run your bulwark masternode from home and runs using the onion router for anonymity. It houses a raspberry pi 3 and comes in a sleek hardware case and costs 100$.

Aegis Hardware Wallet — The first standalone and open source hardware wallet on which users will be able to safely and securely store Bulwark. (Currently under development).

Citadel Home Router — A standalone router and staking box in one package. It will optionally route network traffic through TOR or I2P, allowing for the best in security and privacy while maintaining capabilities utilized by the Bulwark Secure Home Node. (Currently under development)Apart from this Bulwark also offers Bulwark Masternode Hosting Platform, Leading Blockchain Data Analytics, Bastion Exchange Bulwark Fiat Pairs and Charity. And you can buy several services like Domain Registration, Website Building Services etc from their website. Recent developments include new BWK code re-haul, new wallet done, web wallet done, iOS and Android wallets done. Please visit their website for more details.

Bulwark Team

Most of the original Bulwark team has left the project and it is run by community now. But it might actually be the best thing to happen to Bulwark since the people running it now are very passionate and driven about the project. There are three main people running the project now and though they are not public with their real world identities they can be found on Bulwark’s official discord.Stu_Dog#3865 is the main dev incharge of everything. He is also the team member to stay with Bulwark since the beginning. He takes care of blockchain/hardware development. Hodlforjesus#3925 does most of the development outside of the chain/wallet. neuromaniac#3996 does outreach/marketing and partner relations. Other than that there are a few talented community members & moderators that help out sometimes.

Market Performance of Bulwark

Bulwark is listed on 5 exchanges but the total traded volume is only 35.71$ with graviex having most of that volume. The 5 exchanges that BWK is listed on are


BWK had an all time high of around 15.6$ in January 2018 and is currently being traded at 0.0217$.

Market Cap = $324,158 USD
Max Supply = No max supply but 27,000,000 BWK will be minted in 5 years from launch date so it will take around 3 more years to reach that number. By the time we reach that number the block reward will be reduced drastically.

Masternode And Staking Rewards

The current block reward is 12.5 BWK coins and the block time is around 90 seconds. The block reward is split three ways among team fund (10%), masternode reward (60%) and POS reward (30%). The block reward gets reduced by 15–20% every 86,399 blocks which happens 4 times each year. Next reward reduction will happen in roughly 21 days which comes out to be around 25 March 2020 and the block reward will be reduced to 10.938 coins. It will continue like this until block number 1728000 after which the total block reward will be set to 1.625 coins for perpetuity. Please go to this link for details

Masternode And Staking ROI
Coins required of masternode = 5000
Avg ROI = 41.84% per year (estimated based on past 24 hour masternode rewards)
Avg Reward Time = 34 hours 30 mins
Avg Daily Reward = 5.5 BWK (only an estimate)
Total Number of Masternodes = 1343
If you market buy 5000 coins right now it will cost a little over 100$ (from Graviex).

Minimum Amount Required For Staking = 100
Average Staking ROI = 31.6% per year
Please go to this link for POS and masternode reward calculator

USPs of The Project

Secure Home Node Hardware
Hardware Wallet (In development)
Citadel Router (In development)
Bulwark can be used to buy several services on the official website
Active project development with almost daily updates on Discord

Important Links

Bulwark Website :
Bitcoin Talk Announcement :
Whitepaper & Translations :
Lightpaper & Translations: Roadmap :
Official Block Explorer :
Discord :
Telegram Discussion Channel:
Telegram Announcement Channel:
Twitter Official:
Twitter Run By HodlForJesus:


BWK is a small cap coin with active development and provides good products and services. There is not a lot of trading volume but there is not a lot of sell pressure either. Seeing that all time high of BWK has been over 15$ it could be a great investment opportunity to get some BWK and get 40% APR on a masternode.